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Thank you so much for playing my game! Your voice was both very entertaining and very calming to watch/listen to, really made my day! Super glad you enjoyed it! (Also got to note, love your tapestry in the background!)

Thank you~

Thank you for playing my game! I'm so sorry it broke on you. By the looks of it, I placed a rock in the wrong area, therefore the invisible wall would not let you pass...oops, my bad.

But on the bright side, this really helped me fix a lot of the bugs you faced, so thanks for that! I feel really honored that you wanted to play this game on top of the fact you wanted to share it with your viewers!

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

Well, thank you for playing!

Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed :3

This Game be like:

But really, beautiful concept~

I just got RPG Maker MV, and I always planned on making a Yumi Nikkie fan game if I ever managed to buy RPG, I guess MV it is :3

Oh, shoot! Sorry for the late reply!

 there should be a windows version. Though I've been told there's been a game-breaking big towards the end of the game so if you decide to play lookout for that. Im trying to fix it as of late.


This was a pretty creepy experience despite the fact that it was both short and also very simple. I'm not a fan of maze games, but it works with the game's theme.  All though it did start to hurt my eyes slightly, but that's just me. The text also sometimes disappears far to quickly. I think this game has a lot of promise to it but it feels like it is missing something. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want more when it comes to the story.

My goodness! this was such a cute little game! It was very well crafted. I have a soft spot for games that have horror themes but put a cute spin on them. It fits perfectly with not only the main theme of the jam but as well as the second theme. Hats off to you! I can't wait to see more games by you!

...hummm, nope, can't see it~

Thank you so much for playing it~ Yup, it was made in RPG Maker MV, sorry the file was so big I'm still new when it comes to making games with RPG so I'll have to play around with it some more.

And also, darn! I really thought I had fixed that bug with the alter! I have to play around with it some more because I honestly can't find it...but I'll be sure to fix it sooner than later. Thanks again!

Okay, then it is definitely on me.  Sadly, I believed I fixed the problem but I can't upload the new file to because of the jam ...and I also stupidly deleted the old file as well. Anyways, if you want, the new game version is also up on Game Jolt. If you do play it again I would love to know if I fixed the problem or not. 

Sorry the game didn't work the first time around but thank you so much for playing.

Uhm, so someone found a game-breaking bug and I deleted the old file without realizing that I can't re-upload now it's only available for MAC. Is there some way I can fix that? 

I'm going through it right now, (90% sure it's my fault)  but out of curiosity, do you have all three scrolls?

Oh no! can you tell me what happened? did the entrance opening not trigger or can you not enter it?

Within an old abbey, a nun has gone missing. You can not rest until you find her. 



This was originally made for the 14 days "Black and White Jam" hosted by Lone Rabbit. 

Here is some extra info:

-This game is a Point-and-Click Adventure Game in a throwback style. 

-It is also all in a monochrome color scheme.  

-None of the backgrounds are my own, most are stock photos that I edit to add some items or just some flavor.

-Since this a horror game, it might contain certain images or themes that are not suitable for some players.


Hia~ This was such a spoopy game, loved the unsettling feel of it all. I always wanted to do a horror game like this, so I was wondering how you created your backgrounds? Are they photos? or drawings?

Thank you kindly~ glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you found it an enjoyable experience. And thanks for the criticism, I'll be sure to figure out how to make tasks more noticeable next time! 

And who knows, maybe one day you'll get to see Fever Dream in all its spooky glory!

Shoot, I thought I did. Sorry...

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~Play Now~

Milly must travel to the tower, and ask for the Fairy Princess for help, in hopes of saving her older sister.

Milly failed once, perhaps Milly can succeed. 


This is my first ever RPG Maker game. This game was meant for me to explore and get a feeling for the game engine. Almost everything you see in this game is made from the default tiles, sprites, etc

It was based on a very old idea for a game called I called "Fever Dream", maybe once I feel comfortable with the engine, I will revisit it. 

I hope you enjoy though and please, I would love to hear some critiques! I want to get better at making stories and games in this engine.

in deed~

This is just plan awesome...I'm speechless. 

Very nice~ It was charming and sweet!

This was a pretty chill experiences, I like it! You backgrounds were awesome!!

Oh wow, now that was pretty cool, loved the impact at the end.

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A very heartfelt game :3 I like to think it's Death getting the letters, I hope he gets his mail box fixed!

As do I~ thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing it :3

This was a pretty cute and calm Visual Novel~ I adore pixel art and this has some pretty cute/good art in it!

Playable demo is now up to play :3


Opening Scene- 90%

-Sound effects and needed 

Battle Scene- 70%

- Enemy battle card


-Attack images

After Battle- 0%





Some screenshots~

fingers cross nothing brakes 

The battle test for the visual novels. I'm never good with this kind of stuff so fingers cross it works!

Battle Cards!

thanks :3