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thank you for playing! And I'm glad you enjoyed.

Most of the problems was just me not realizing how the close the deadline was for the Jam, 

so glad you enjoyed it! And lol, no sorry, I totally ran out of time when getting some of the assets down, and the door was one of them.

Thank you so much for playing it! Hopefully, I'll get it more completed and polished for next year. :)

Thank you with all my heart~ I'm loving the vibes right off the bat :3

No worries, I'm sure it's just something going wrong on my end

Daww, thanks

There's something to be said about old school...and this game is definitely that. Old School interactive fiction is something I never really got into, but it was a blast to be introduced to it with this game!

This is a really sweet one, as someone who also lost their doggo during 2020, this was a nice game reminding me that dogs love us no matter what, simple things to us bring endless enjoyment for them~ Sally was a sweet girl!

I wonderful take on AI vs Human, KALI is sweet as she terrifying but by the end you really want to help her and up hold your promise , hopefully we can in the future!

For how short it was, it was EXTREAMLY well executed. Starting off with a little bit if black comedy only to then slowly change the sprite and the dialogue to slowly reveling that things are really....really bad for the main character. And the last scene is so haunting, it was sending shivers down my spine....

What more can I say, you watch paint dry...and that's it....that's all there is...totally no other stuff happen. You just watch paint dry....nope...nothing else...just that....100% just a paint watcher simulator...and nothing else..............10/10..... 

It's a little slow, and I think it crashed on me on the first day because I "didn't take my pills"....maybe? but the creativity in this game is just oozing! At first I didn't quite understand why you chose the movement keys but after looking down I understand perfectly, and the choice really solidifies the loneliness and helplessness in the game. Brilliant! 

This almost made me cry!! I loved every second of it, the mechanic of being an archeologist, the memories you get to hear, and the story! There is so much here  and I would love to see more of it! But this little game is just perfect as is, its so relaxing and reminds me a little bit of mind sweeper so it has the added challenge to it~

What a cozy, melancholy game. I love the art style and I am a sucker for the old point and click. But if I could make a suggestion, I sometimes found my self going back and forth between the wood and fishing due to the arrows, it felt like I was going a circle it was a little bit confusing. I would say, only have the fire wood path availablewhen clicking on the left side of the fire place screen, and only having fishing available when clicking on the right side in the bed room. All in all, though, I can't wait to see where the story goes!!

This game was an absolute blast!! It reminds of the old type/spelling games I used to play in Elementary school (Which isn't a bad things, those games were awesome! and I 100% know little kid mw would have loved this game too) You took the idea of a narrative in such a unique and literal direction and it rocks!!

I love the concept of judging souls, and it's always a sweet spot for me when you get to play Death! Your pixel art style matches the tone beautifully! I would love to see a longer experiences if you ever return to this game!! 

yeah, it's due to the plugin I'm using, it's a gif but I think it's too big for the game to handle. I'll properly try to make it smaller or switch it out for a sprite assets in the final release. Sorry about that :(

no worries~ glad to have you

Hia guys~ thanks to all who have joined the Jam~ Maybe I'll see you next year, maybe not...but either way, I hope this has inspired you to keep making games!

(PS, if you have a game that's not finished but still want to submit  or show off, just comment a link~)

life happens :3

It's the final countdown~ Three Days to Go! Again, don't feel rushed~ get done what you can get done and send it in~ My own game is considered a WIP (Work in Progress) 

Well, dang, time really does fly!

I don't want any of you to feel rushed or worried. It's okay if you can't finish your game; I realized I wouldn't be able to finish my own game (Life Stuff has come up), but you can always showcase what you have~ Like a demo or just a WIP.

Remember, this Game Jam is all about chilling out and making something, and MAKING doesn't mean finishing!

:3 See you guys at the end!

Hello, everyone~ I just decided to check and see how everyone is doing~ feel free to share your progress in this thread!

And we're off to the races! 

Now last I checked there are 16 to 15 peeps who joined this Jam of mine! Which is amazing! So I was hoping to do a roll call and see who all joined and why~

I'll go first: I go by Zodiac Stories but you can call me Zodie. I was inspired to create/join this Jam because I love telling stories, and RPG Maker makes it so easy to tell said stories, plus I miss the classic RPG Maker games of old. Like Crooked Man or Mad Father or To the Moon. They had those troupes that made you rolls your eyes but you just couldn't stop playing!!

The Theme for this Jam is:  ADVENTURE

I know this is a little early, but seeing how the Jam will begin very soon, I will be asleep by then; I might as well give you the theme. But remember, the theme is not required for the Jam; it's just a fun little thing to work with.

Have fun, everyone!!

Howdy everyone!! We got one more day to go before the Jam is kicked off into full swing!

Just wanted to thank all of you guys for joining! I hope you guys enjoy the chance to make some games!!

See, that's what I thought too, but when I went to check the "Published" option was already checked off.


I have no idea, been wondering that myself 

Very much so~ :3

Thanks for playing~

Thank you~ Despite it being short, I loved the designs of the animal sprites and finding them all was a real joy! Thank you for making this for me, Merry Christmas~

Thank you so much for playing my game! Your voice was both very entertaining and very calming to watch/listen to, really made my day! Super glad you enjoyed it! (Also got to note, love your tapestry in the background!)

Thank you~

Thank you for playing my game! I'm so sorry it broke on you. By the looks of it, I placed a rock in the wrong area, therefore the invisible wall would not let you pass...oops, my bad.

But on the bright side, this really helped me fix a lot of the bugs you faced, so thanks for that! I feel really honored that you wanted to play this game on top of the fact you wanted to share it with your viewers!

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

Well, thank you for playing!

Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed :3

This Game be like:

But really, beautiful concept~

I just got RPG Maker MV, and I always planned on making a Yumi Nikkie fan game if I ever managed to buy RPG, I guess MV it is :3