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The withering and sprouting mechanics are a fun mix of dread and hope. I’m new to rpgs and struggled a bit with the prompts, but I enjoyed building a little, dying world.

yes, my sweet Despair came back after i learned my lesson!

i really enjoyed that mechanic as well. i didn’t have any really big or really small rolls, but i did see-saw between clues and setbacks in a way that the final outcome was always up in the air (in my case literally, my keeper found themselves floating above the spot the lake been only the day before just before the final roll).

i enjoyed this :) looking forward to the next chapter!

i’ve had a few panic attacks lately, and the way you captured that encroaching feeling of panic was so brilliant. i knew it was coming when i saw all that clutter and the walls closing in. so good. thank you for this :)

So meditative

i love this too :)

i love this

this is great! love the lighthouse and the .. mushroom?