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Just tried playing this, it is fun! Thanks for the game

Unfortunately, my character didn't reach her destination 😅

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Just tried playing this game and I quite liked it, thanks!

Although my play time was just 15 minutes, probably because I didn't elaborate on the exact words being said and just described the general idea of how the convesation went and what were the main takeaways.

I assume it's Belonging Outside Belonging

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It's quite easy to adapt.

Just drop the trump cards (aka major arcana), and use the remaining Tarot deck. Treat Knights as Jokers.

If your Tarot deck does not use French suits, you can use the correspondences:

♥ = cups,

♦ = pentacles = bells,

♠ = swords = leaves,

♣ = wands = acorns.

If you have a divinatory Tarot deck, you can keep the trumps (major arcana) as a separate deck and use them for generating topics according to their divinatory meanings, maybe instead of Topic Focus.

If you have a playing Tarot deck, you can treat trumps as fifth suit (XI = Jack, XII = Knight [i.e. Joker], XIII = Queen, XIV = King, like in Tarot soliatre) and assign it some meaning  (e.g. following the idea that trumps are the strongest card, we can get something like Authority [influential, hierarchy]; or maybe you can use something like "same suit as the last non-trump suit drawn"). Then only cards from XV to XXI (Mond) need to be dropped.

I've got this game in a bundle, and I've really enjoyed it! Thanks. My case was relatively quick, the playthrough took only 1 hour total.

In my game, a young and very ambitious Occult Detective Harriette Johnson has solved the case of ebon wood effigies. The criminal was the grand master of the Mages' Guild named Oscar, who was performing illegal rituals, and the people killed were either his rivals or accidental witnesses. The effigies was an attempt to scare people into not crossing his path.

Although the case was very stressful for Harriette: at one time she herself became Oscar's target, and only her skill of hiding helped her to stay alive.

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This is... not what I expected.

It's an interesting exploration of minimalism that raises some interesting questions about game design. How much rules does a game need? What is the expected amount of homebrewing in a game? Is it still the same game is most of the gameplay is homebrewed? What is a game?

However, I can't shake off the feeling that if I were to buy this (I haven't; I've received this in a bundle), I would probably be disappoined.

Added: If anyone has doubts, like I did: these are not games with 2 verbs (i.e. 2 actions), these are literally games with 2 words (+ tagline and images). They're conceptually interesting, they're well designed, beautiful and high quality. Though-provoking and available in different formats.

But the 2-word format has some inherent limitations, so you'd need to come up with some rulings / house rules if you want to play these games.

Note that you can add a web player for your RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games, too. You need to use the web build of the EasyRPG Player.

See the description here: (it's not, hopefully someone can provide a better step-by-step tutorial for

I just wanted to say I've really enjoyed the game, it's great! Thanks for making it!

Here's an example of pronunciation of çäk-çäk:

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Hello! I've been enjoying the game so far (although I got an ending not with the character I wanted ^^').

I'll write a longer comment later, but wanted to draw attention to some things that might be fixed (or might not; not sure how easy it is, but please consider this):

  • Kosuke said to Alex's grandmother a phrase with Envy instead of Alex: "I dunno, I told Envy I want a huge family. Maybe five, six kids."
  • [redacted: here was an half-removed thing here]
  • Chak-chak / çäk-çäk is pronounced with CH-like sound in the beginning in Russian. Kak-kak with K sound is a baby-talk for 'pooping' (related to какать 'to shit'). It's quite strange that Dmitry scolds Kosuke for mispronouncing chak-chak as 'cock', and then goes on to mispronounce it as 'poop'.
  • The Russian woman says "Naslazhdat'sya... Spasibo" which makes no sense grammatically, she should say "Naslazhdaytes'... Spasibo." (Наслаждайтесь... Спасибо)
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Hello! I've tried unpacking the Linux version and I'm getting an 'unexpected end of file' error... :(

Update: actually, the PC version supports both Linux and Windows! So, a separate download for Linux is not needed (and it's damaged anyway). And the PC version needs a Linux icon near it, not just a Windows icon, because it has Linux executable too (

Thanks for the game! I've really enjoyed playing it. The characters are so cute,  and the story is engaging. (I've ended up getting all the bad ends just to stay with the characters a bit longer ^^')

In fact, I'm thinking about a reverse situation: an empire that forced the indigenous people to retreat to mountains, accessible only via a hard-to-navigate network of caves. (It probably won't be 100% below the surface, although maybe if I added some edible underground mushrooms that can be farmed, I could make it completely underground... Not sure, haven't decided that part yet.)

I'm thinking about Evil Empire and Below the Surface, but I haven't decided yet.

Thanks! It's perfect now, thank you for all your work!

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I've bought this some time ago, and have finally gotten around to start creating games with it. It's a cool pack, and I'm happy that someone is creating resources for RM2k3. I like how extensive and beautiful it is.

Unfortunately, I've found some problems:

— GB Resources/2k3/Backdrop/Colored/ contains resources with the size of 480x432, unsuitable for RPG Maker 2003 (they should be 320x240)

— the sakura and mountain autotiles have incorrect format in the following files (try making a L-shaped corner out of them and you'll see that the corner tile is wrong and has parts of non-existent mountain/sakura):

—— 2k3/Tilesets/Color/RM2k3Overworld.png

—— 2k3/Tilesets/Color/RM2k3Exterior.png

—— 2k3/Tilesets/RM2k3Exterior.png

—— 2k3/Tilesets/Grayscale/RM2k3Exterior.png

—— 2k3/Tilesets/Grayscale/RM2k3Overworld.png

—— 2k3/Tilesets/RM2k3Overworld.png (this one has mountain fixed, but the sakura is still incorrect)

I hope this could be fixed. I mean, I can probably edit it myself for my game, but I think it would be nicer if this could be edited in the whole set for other people to have the fixes, too.

In general, it's a very nice pack, thanks!

If you want to play on Linux without Wine, you can download EasyRPG Player:

This game works well on EasyRPG, I've tried it.

I like the game, and I've learnt about a beatiful painting today!

Very funny game, thanks for making it! I've really enjoyed looking for various options.

This game is very cute, I've really enjoyed it!

Hello! I can't see the Linux download link, could you please make it more prominent somehow? I think because the bugfix release is for Windows only, the Linux link got hidden

This is a really great book! I've got it as a part of the bundle, and it is easily the most liked book of all the books I've read this year! The characters are lifelike (Kettec is so relatable with his attempts to avoid conversations xD), and the plot manages to give hints without being predictable. Thanks!

Very nice and enjoyable game! Thanks!

I really like this game, and hope to see the final version!

The characters are well-written, everyone is interesting in their own way. Everyone has their own personality and passions. I like small details, like how Dave is teaching about dragons.

The graphics are totally awesome! Everyone looks different — it's very cool to see different body types represented.

The only downside is that it ends so abruptly :D

It's kinda heartening to play this game in Polish. Now when I will think about Polish LGBT, I will remember this game ^^ (and not just "strefy wolne")

You've said that the final version will be in English, does this mean you will drop the Polish version altogether? This would be kinda sad (although I understand it's difficult to make a multilingual game ^^').

Thanks for the game, I've really enjoyed this demo! Good luck with the development!

I've played the demo and it's really great! Pari is the best xD

Thanks for this game, I've really enjoyed it! The gameplay is fun, the graphics are great, and getting the second ending was not that easy! Also, I really like how smoothly the game conveys the message via its rules.

I've just finished the playable part and I can't wait to see more! It's really interesting and cute. The graphics are wonderful, the whole constellation atmosphere is great, the plot is intriguing and characters are well-written.

P.S. And I really want to know how a male Virgo constellation would look xD

I've recently finished the game and I've really liked it! It's super-cute!

Hello! This game works fine on Linux using Wine.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS with Wine 3.6, I'm playing with a keyboard (don't have a gamepad at hand to test), and everything works well so far

Hello! Thank you for your visual novel. I'm really enjoying it so far (although I must admit it turned out somewhat darker than I'd expected).

I'd like to report a bug. When I do this:

— Show me all sexy scenes
— Go to the gay bar
— Don't leave the office
— No
— Ask Pol's opinion
— Irene
— Accept his offer
— I want to top
— Perhaps
— Go to Mark's office and ask him about the errors
— Tell him what I think
— Check computer with yellow band
— Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
— No, I'll pass
— Go to the cafeteria
— Tell Pol about my concerns
[Error happens after the text "The sudden black screen is welcoming after the sight of those not-eyes pleading to me."]

I get this error:

NameError("name 'marcinterest' is not defined",)
UnicodeDecodeError('ascii', '/home/zmicier/\xd0\x92\xd0\xb5\xd0\xbb\xd0\xb8\xd0\xba\xd0\xb5/\xd0\x86\xd0\xb3\xd1\x80\xd0\xb8/bl/Chasing_the_Stars_2.0-all', 14, 15, 'ordinal not in range(128)')
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/zmicier/Велике/Ігри/bl/Chasing_the_Stars_2.0-all/Chasing the", line 191, in <module>
  File "/home/zmicier/Велике/Ігри/bl/Chasing_the_Stars_2.0-all/Chasing the", line 188, in main
  File "/home/zmicier/Велике/Ігри/bl/Chasing_the_Stars_2.0-all/renpy/", line 304, in bootstrap
  File "/home/zmicier/Велике/Ігри/bl/Chasing_the_Stars_2.0-all/renpy/", line 188, in report_exception
    full_tl = traceback_list(tb)
  File "/home/zmicier/Велике/Ігри/bl/Chasing_the_Stars_2.0-all/renpy/", line 100, in traceback_list
    line = linecache.getline(filename, line_number)
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 14, in getline
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 41, in getlines
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 119, in updatecache
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 73, in join
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 14: ordinal not in range(128)

I managed to somehow-fix it by moving the game into a folder without Cyrillic letters,  then I'm shown an error message with Ignore button, but could you please fix it? I'm using the Linux version

That's great news!! Thanks for the update

Sounds great! I really like it

I’ve really enjoyed this game! It's fun and engaging. xD The characters are beautifully-drawn, and I really liked that there gread representation for body types that are under-represented in such games. The dialogues are great, the story is interesting! I hope it gets a continuation one day. If you ever make it into a paid game, I for one am interested in paying for it. Thanks!

I’m really enjoying it! It’s a very cute game with absolutely charming atmosphere. It’s quite challenging — I’m having trouble beating the level 5!

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I’ve just finished playing this game and I’ve really enjoyed it. Thanks for it!

I really like the characters. They’re not afraid to be vulnerable. Vice feels pain when he’s hurt, his house is a mess, he worries about his battle-torn clothes. He doesn’t spend 24/7 feigning strength or pretending have no problems. I really wish we had more depictions of this kind of masculinity. I’ve been playing a lot of RPG Maker games (I’m fairly active in the Russian RM community), and I wish I saw such characters more often.

The plot is really interesting. The culprit wasn’t hard to guess, but this is not a detective game so that’s OK. However, the plot feels somewhat unfinished: Alain came up only with a temporary solution. If there’s a chance it could get a continuation, it could be great. (But it’s great even if it doesn’t!)

The graphics are very nice. The busts are great, the custom graphics allow to show different emotions and blend in with the standard RM graphics very well.

P.S. Vice sleeping in Alain’s bed is super cute 😍