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im sorry i dont know how i missed this one but this is amazing!

all paw-writen sm83, my first real attempt at a game in assembly. but i dont think ill go back to assembly, now that i have tried everyones favourite scripting language, javascript :p

oh i didnt check the settings

this is quite cool, but unfortunately most of the doors were offscreen for me so i had to brute force everything, and i gave up at the door with 5 switches, you could possibly put a copy of the door symbols as a HUD element so that theyre never cut off?

this breaks the rules of this jam, disqualifying this, sorry

this is really neat! i like this

i like this, is is really cool, though the gameplay itself is rather..boring, as you deal little to no damage and enemies spawn too fast to do anything about them

the pacing could be improved, i like the cutscenes

this is amazing, i didnt expect something like this to come out within the constrains of the jam, though sadly doesnt run on my super-outdated device

hey your game appears to be rather suspicious, i dont want to malware scan it so ill DQ it, unless you can clear things up, as while the rules dont forbid submitting a game you made 3 months ago, its kinda.. yknow

hey i am going to DQ this for now unless you can clear up how this is valid, as i currently cant download 100MB and test seemingly 4 unrelated things just to be sure if this is a valid submission or not

i like this, though i couldnt win..

cool slideshow!
im afraid i may have to disqualify this as you used some post processing that doesnt consist of rectangles, also probably a good idea to export this to a native app cause it really is a slideshow for me

this is so cursed i love it so much

this is pretty nice!
feedback (nitpicks):

  • you couldve used symbols for pause/unpause and play game (V and X)
  • the waves could be a little faster, i did not expect to see a new enemy type "that far" into the game

i like how youre thinking outside the box, but i dont really know, and itd be a little weird to allow for sound while matching the spirit of the jam, im afraid i have to say no

i think this is a neat (and somewhat weird) concept, but it suffers from crunch (not much content, the game lasts 10-5 minutes, would benefit from more polish, and no real incentive to play all 1000 seeds)

i didnt expect a 3d entry in the first place.. oh well, ill allow it

i didnt really think about this, if you think it fits the vibes then you can go for it


could someone explain to me what makes this 'impressive' aside per-enemy AI and custom text window?

...consuming.. wh.. hidden depth in a seemingly simple game!?!

next time i play ill just make a map.......assuming i can make maps, i think its kinda neat if you know ahead of time that youll be needing a map

sorry, cant fix any issues with binjgb, i only made the game, not the emulator

the issue with holding a direction is that i would have to pick a movement speed everyone is happy with, the currently planned fix is double tapping and holding moving you at the pace you hit the keys

the flavor text is not supposted to be developer commentary, but due to issues with finishing the demo it ended up with way more notes to myself than it would otherwise be

small note: i did not replay this when rating, and i am not known for excellent memory
- id love if this had a map
- i couldnt tell if i beat this game 'properly' as im pretty sure i only got 4 gems and the game said i need 6, but i was shown an ending
- the upgrades are neat

high level of polish, a lot of variety, an entire 30 minutes of playtime, theres not much to criticise, aside i guess the weird difficulty of bosses (every fight is either easy or hard, no in-between, the bird boss doesnt count)

you can 2 cycle the scythe if you jump over its blade attack

also i think i figured out the graveyard wrong warp, it always occurs during the fade screen transitions

lack of iframes was already mentioned so i wont elaborate

and then i wrong warped past dark-2

..and you were right, the bosses are much easier if you just stand still

i am not going to sort this thing just have it raw from notepad

energy being fuel, life and ammo is an interesting concept, but probably needs a bit more tweaks and balancing
flying around shooting things *is* neat, i kinda wanna see more of this,
but i didnt find myself dashing very often, possibly something that needs to be addressed?

its hard to judge something this short, no idea if the controls are okay or nah as there were only 2 rooms of content in this demo.. i have nothing to say, sorry!

which reminds me ill have to get a bit crazier with tile variety unless i wanna go full low-effort-hero-core-ripoff mode,
currently cant really imagine this game with actual graphics, aside some concept art i got for generators and potential threats, most of the new stuff will be rewritting the 'engine' to suck less as its literally the most scuffed thing i had to make up untill this point, and like actually making it.. usable for a real game

probably the first time im in need of ideas
i may make a devlog about how this thing even came to be lol

progress is bound to slow down at some point, ill have to work on "black triangles" a little before i can keep pushing this project forwards, maybe itd also be a good idea to make the pipeline for this less scuffed, notepad -> paint -> ase -> png -> 1bpp -> interleaved 1bpp is probably the most cursed setup for displaying text you can get around here, maybe ill even start writting dev logs ^^'

hahah great, now here comes the metroidvania part of it: the rest of the map is locked behind an upgrade called "convincing me to keep working on it" :p
(ill try my best, pobably once im more ready to commit to a project)

käse used godot 3

yes, you have an entire 3 days of extended submission time

i dont think theres anything to be said that hasnt been said already

hell yeah, mode 7 1 and its playable on the title screen! very neat!!

i really like the vibes of this! simple but amazing

spinny circle, hehe

somewhat simplistic, but looks pretty nice, with a neat little theme song!

this is great, well animated and with raster effects!.. and then it just becomes static screen.. but thats still pretty good

this is really good! im a sucker for music that uses stereo, but the camera pan in sync with music, and then the title with the falling leaves, yeah, this is executed wonderfully!

black triangles strike back, i dont doubt this had effort put into it, would love to see it finished!