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The art is very good. And I like that little zoom in when you stop walking or when your going down a ladder.

But the blood particle system always goes to the right, and maybe you should add koyote time (It's when you let the player jump even if he stopped being on a platform for maybe 0.1 seconds this video explains these concepts pretty good)

Other than that 👌👌

Very nice art.

Game concept is 💯💯

But I think that it would be better if the ball got faster over time, and if for example the ball hits the top of the paddle the ball should maybe go a little bit more upwards. So that you feel like you have control over the ball.

Other than that 👌

Very unique game idea and very nice art!

Game is 💯 absolute master piece. Graphics are 👌👌👌👌

And Mark is so amazing.

Full screen is kind of broken though

But other than that the game is absolutely perfect.

Can't wait for a new version to come out

+1 follow

I didn't like the pace of the game, it was pretty slow, which means that it doesn't fit the chaos theme at all, because I just stood there and kept on shooting the enemies from far away, or I hid behind a wall and kept on jumping and shooting them. Because the gun would shoot VERY slowly and the jump was very annoying. I would have liked it more if I could jump high by quickly pressing the jump button and not having to hold it for 1 year, or if I held it more I jumped higher but if I pressed it quickly I would jump kind of high, not 1 cm.

I also didn't like the cooldown that I needed to wait for to switch between worlds

And I think that the enemies followed me even when I was in night mode.

But other than that, the game was pretty good and the graphics weren't bad an d I didn't like the wall jumping at all, it just felt weird and clunky, and the jump was short when I was wall jumping


idk, I don't have much experince with js, maybe try searching on youtube how to make a js (or node js if your using it) script excutable

literally better than flappy bird

The enemies keep on sliding on the ground even if they're dead. And it kind of annoying that I have to stop walking to fight, It makes me feel like I can't defend myself and that I need to just sit there and keep on getting hit by the enemies. 

Also, consider making the player able to attack without using the mouse, so like add a button on the keyboard that also makes the charchter hit, because if someone tried to play this on a laptop, using the laptops trackpad (The little square that moves the mouse using touch) it won't be a very smooth experience

But other than that, the game is pretty good, and the graphics are 10/10

The hit animation is kindof broken, the player goes under the ground and moves to the right by like 50 pixels. 

But it's a pretty good game. It would be fun to play with my friends. If I had any 😔😂

I downloaded the game but I don't know how to run it



Very good game and graphics, can't really see how it fits the theme though, and it took me a minute to understand that right-clicking scans for monsters. 

You should rate the games that don't have any rating

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2 things, 

1: You probably should put the file in .zip format instead of .7z because lots of people wont know how to extract it

2: You should make your game executable, like I shouldn't have to download JavaScript to be able to run this game. And that's why I sadly couldn't play the game because I didn't know what script to run and I got an error that said unknown reference gjds or something like that. I hope that someone more experienced in JS than me can play this game and rate it.

I literally understand nothing


Just use this link:

You're welcome!


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Pretty slow but, Nice


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I beat the game devs :))))))(I got 815 in highscore), I also noticed that if you're falling and you start to climb a wall, the chicken makes the animation of climbing but it stays in its own position

and If a planet is falling and it falls on your head you won't get it until it touches the ground and you touch it again

I'm stuck on the first parkour part 😭

Nice game though

Very nice graphics and very nice music, but the game gets kind of boring over time, so you can add some power-ups, some new kinds of blocks, some new levels, make the game harder over time, things like that. That's if you want to keep on working on the game.

Nice game anyways, my high score is 440, what's yours?

The random colour palette thing is very nice but it's hard to control the ball without seeing the line of where you're aiming the ball.

Nice game anyways

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WooooooooooooooooooooooooooW, This game is fun, clean, original. The music and SFX fit in with the game really well. Nice game Bcoffee 👌🏼, can't wait for more levels

Woooooow, Minecraft 1080x1080???

sensitivity is kind of slow

Nice game.

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I know

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but if you just wanted to make a game and didn't care about coding then, nice game idea

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because it's not really coding

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you cheated by using puzzlescript 


Very nice game, and graphics 👌🏼.

but I found a glitch and it's that if you look parallel to a wall and jump, you'll keep on jumping until you reach the top of the wall

pretty excited for the new updates😁

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pretty nice and simple game, but the music doesn't really work idk what it's called when the notes don't rhyme with each other, I'm pretty sure that you tried to make the music kind of work with the game. nice game though. also, the animations are VERY nice and smooth.

How does your game fit the theme?
grappling 😂

nice game and pretty creative concept, but it gets boring pretty quickly, you might fix that by making it so I can grapple anywhere, but there are places that I can't grapple on and I somehow found a glitch, so I somehow managed to get between the wall and the blue block in the 3rd or 4th level and that made me go into the blue block, and I was permanently stuck. nice game though

how can I play this game ?

umm, how do I play this game?