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I liked the visual of the game. the game has beautiful 3D models and nice music. the parallax of stars in the background awesomely emerges. You have perfectly expressed the theme of this game gam by controlling the starship.

the game is interesting to play. I like this visual and a very interesting idea with a room flip, but it seems to me that it should be made not so strong.

This is a beautiful game and original. You perfectly showed the theme of this game jam. It is very interesting to play.

I really liked your game. It is original and very interesting. But it has monotonous graphics.


hi, you have 2 popular assets. and I wonder how you did it. did you just upload them or do something else? if not difficult then please answer.

I liked this visual style. This game makes you think about your time to death.

I liked the animations and artwork of the game. They are very beautiful and well-designed. I also like music and level design.

I liked the mechanics of moving in this game. Due to the fact that you can’t move with WASD, but you can only teleport. Thanks to this, you think over the moves in order to survive. I also like the design of your levels. If you are going to finish the game, I recommend doing this:

- make the first levels easier.

- make training in the game instead of the text at the beginning.

- make different particle systems when killing an enemy or teleporting.

In general, the game is fun and interesting. Very cool animation of the death of the enemy.