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yep! i havent posted on agdg in forever because i switched to a new isp and t-mobile is range banned lol 

un-used .wav files lole 

what a really cool game! 

it feels like a cross between darkest dungeon , hearthstone  and jill of the jungle

the dialog & tummies are awesome !! i like pulling off a sorta windstep mid air combo 

you made the right move making the player invincible i feel like a god killing all the catgirls bwhahaha

will do! 

one of the greatest to ever do it 

i adore the d&b battle track it fits so well and the school theme sounds awesome  like radiohead 

the chest handgun is still awesome lol

future goty its like someone combined lsd dream simulator and megaman battle network and also bits of other old games like the ones arino played on  game center cx and some studio ghibli designs and a dash of x-com 

its so beautiful 

id say the controls are weird but im not sure i've ever played a game like this so i dont know what to suggest  and its pretty hard in between waves 

megaman battle network does a thing were you have a chance to win a small amount of hp at the end of rounds i was able to get to round 4 but your pretty much forced to close the game and reopen it because im bad and i had 23 hp lol not that i mind since the game is so awesome 

keep up the good work!

Awesome job dawg! i like the music pacing with the cut scenes and using a bit from ballgame.mid was 10/10 

the dialog is awesome and funny and the combat was juicy 

the music is really dope i like the dialog a lot and its very heartwarming but i think the scientist's text bleeps are a lil too harsh 

few bugs i ran into it seems like playing the intro and then getting into the tutorial room changes the screen resolution but resetting the room fixes the resolution and also it didnt allow me to go fully full screen since my taskbar was showing 

i got filtered by this yellow square i think its too obtuse for a level one until i got the pity rocket boots i do think i had more fun when the platforms didnt have a underside to go over again 

also Add a graphic for "T" to advance dialog or when you have the "!" red chat box 

overall i like it its like a meatboy/celeste meets qbert 

also the rocketboots made it feel like jetpac from dk64/zx spectrum  a


damn thats sweet of you! i wont let you down!!



Damn fine game

got ending A 


wow! blown away at how this looks and the insane level of polish it has! the intro really sets the tone and mood!! same with the comfy icon! 

i didn't run into any bugs on win10@32 bit

AMAZING! i love the fludd mario sunshine watering can! and kicking salmon is pretty fun!

Really cool! i love the sick music! and the crispness of the models!! 

i made a dungeon with aliens and lava and dice :DD

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE NEW BATTLE UI CHANGES!! the LOG feature is pretty nifty too! 

thanks bro!

based streambro!

i saw it on the stream and it was so interesting to see you first tried to open draws and stuff i gotta put that stuff in lol

yeah it is the same engine lol

the tables are billboard sprites i forgot to box off haha

thanks mane!


the convert save function is super interesting! although i think i ran into a bug that disables the sfx and music if used but i wasn't able to replicate it because i deleted the save and the problem went away 

it just hit me how the prologue is alot like big hero 6 too!

Pretty cool! i love the music and the kick and minigun! 

crumble looks pretty cute when it explodes.. lol 

is this game endless? i couldn't find a way to beat the demo 

the updates are so awesome! the character maker is even better!

keep up the good work! the intro tutorial was very funny 

everything was laid out very cohesively i think  

yeah i changed the white and blue lines already 

shit gave me cataracts lol

an interesting take on classic final fantasy!! 

i love the music and the character selection! 

WOW!! the music is RAD

i thought i paused cocteau twins playing in the background!

is it a real singer or a vox sample??? 

Really neat game!!

i got to wave 7 and it crashed at the kamikaze "Variable obj_kamikaze.hp(100002, -2147483648) not set before reading it"

brick chads rise up

insane soundtrack!

bittencourt is my FAVORITE!!

what kinda CEO has a pool table at work? a BASED boss


such a soulful game

beautiful synth soundtrack ( or juno??)

one can't help but compare it to wind waker! 

i absolutely LOVE the different weapons!! the fire staff and the NORSE HAMMER makes you feel so POWERFUL!! 

cant wait to see more of death mountain!

the MET on a trip!! very cool game! my favorite painting is jesus chirsto