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Welcome to the Zhu Industries Sol-mōnaþ New Moon drop!

The latest release in our range of black and white, hand drawn, flat-packed paper minis is now live:

Suitable for most popular tabletop RPGs and skirmish wargames, Vlätkrig Set Seven: Rangers of Myrkváld contains 9 unique, hand-drawn, black and white outdoor adventuring characters for you to print,  cut-out and play, and use with virtual tabletop software. It also includes an additional peice of terrain, and a easy to follow step-by-step guide to constructing the miniatures.

Xīnnián hǎo!

Thank you!

All Vlätkrig prototype models (as seen in the photos) are laser-printed at 100%, black and white, on 80gsm white recycled copier paper. You can increase the paper weight for a more solid feel. 

If you have any other questions about printing I'll try to answer - it might be fun and useful to include a printing-guide document in the future. 

Vlätkrig Set Six: The Eotnas Helawört contains 8 unique, hand-drawn, black and white animal shaped spirits of the wild wood, flat-packed paper minis. Including:

  • Staenyöruk - the mighty stag of lightning-oak and woody weeds.
  • Droþaygros - the grouse of reeds and willow.
  • Köshlyþa - the  wily fox of wild branch and bark.
  • Barlokösht - the fearsome boar of knotted roots and mulch.
  • Rhûvyârb - the dire wolf of kindling and dead wood.
  • Three Kânengro Koorö - a triskelion of twig and root hares.

Now on for you to print, cut-out and play or use with virtual tabletop software:

Hygge Yüle!

Great stuff, that deftly walks the line between hideous pun, satire and gameable swords and sorcery encounter. The illustrations are charming. 

Hey thanks, glad you like the figures and the design. Don't forget to check out the free Demo mini game as well!

Crab headed skeletons. Mungo would be terrified! A nice, short self-contained dungeon that can easily be worked into a campaign through the patrons. 

Hey Skill + Stam Fam Jam 

My entry is a Plain text, no art, no layout, beta play-test, demo version of The Kön-Kahs of Khaös The Tabletop Sports Skirmish Game of Goblinoid Gladiators -  especially designed to be played with the Haemogoblin Konkerör paper minis. The microgame can be downloaded for free, and the paid-for paper minis are optional. 

While I understand there is a 'no-game' clause in the entry, and there are game rules in the download, they should be simple and familiar enough to ignore or swap out with other S/S/L based games. Also the content is a game, as in a sports game, so that has rules, which are the content. 

Have fun!

The Kon-Kahs of KhaosThe Tabletop Sports Skirmish Game Of Goblinoid Gladiators game in now in beta testing.  

Inspired by the traditional British playground game of Conkers, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, Blood Bowl and SNK / NEOGEO style fighting games, it is currently available in an accessible, plain-text, no-layout, no-art, beta playtest version as part of Vlätkrig Set Two: Haemogoblin Könkerors set of paper miniatures:

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This topic is for public playtest discussion feedback on The Kön-Kahs of Khaös - The Tabletop Sports Skirmish Game  of Goblinoid Gladiators.

  • Did you like the concept?
  • Are the rules clear?
  • Have you played a game - how did it go?
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Thanks GGBear - glad you enjoy them. Your support is much appreciated.

Zhu Industries is proud to announce the launch of Vlätkrig Set Five: The Gáldathraja Alliance - a set of 6 hand drawn antlered elvenfolk paper miniatures and Virtual Tabletop Tokens: 

Latest release:

To celebrate the launch of the  Gáldathra  we're offering all sets of our paper minis at half price. 

Shop the sale at:

Hi Chaz - yes the old, old Dungeon Floorplans were a huge inspiration, both the 1st generation and Dave Andrews versions, alongside rub-down transfer architecture sets (if you remember those!). 

Thank you! Glad you like them. 

Zhu Industries is proud to unleash  Vlätkrig Set Four: Vackreth Deörghast, a set of 5 paper miniatures of undead animal-folk.* 

*Please note 25% of the cover price of this set will be donated to Wildlife charities to help build a sustainable future for the creatures these designs are based on.

Thanks Alfred, glad you enjoy the instruction manual - they're fun to do!

Zhu Industries is proud to announce the 3rd in our range of Fantasy Paper Miniatures - the Köbling Hûdreath!

This set contains 12 printable paper minis for you to cut out and play with your favourite Skirmish Wargame or TTRPG, along with 3 pieces of scatter terrain and a simple instruction sheet.

Launch Weekend Offer - To celebrate the launch of Vlätkrig Set Three:  Köbling Hûdreath all Zhu Industries products on - including Planström Floorplan System, and the first two Vlátkrig sets have been reduced from £1.99 to Pay-What-You-Want (or free, if you like) from 14th-16th April 2023.

Thanks for the technical feedback - I'll have a look into the Firefox issue, although they view fine in Preview, Safari, Acrobat Reader and Acrobat, so I don't know what the issue might be, hopefully an easy fix.

Have fun building the figures and playing D&D!

Hey - thanks for your support! Glad you like the Gnörves.

Hey, thanks, glad you like them. Early Warhammer is a big inspiration for me - when Set Two and Set Three are done, that should be all the figures needed for Ziggurat of Doom from 1st Edition!

Zhu Industries print and play Science Fiction Floorplan System for tabletop RPGs, Skirmishing and Wargaming is now available at:

Planstrom cover

Planström now on

Print, cut and play endless dungeon themed adventures on your tabletop with Planström Dungeon Floorplan System.
Now available on at: