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When I press the 'H' key, the above screen just becomes this :

In relation to the replication of the bug, it continues to appear whenever I play the game.  I've already tried re-installing the game and restarting the computer, but nothing seems to fix it.

This occurs in multiple scenes:

  • At the scene after Seth purchases Rillai the outfits (as shown in the example image)
  • After the deduction scene when Riilai exits the police station and converses with the shopkeeper and Shanrae
  • After the previous scene, when she is at the hotel conversing with the manager and Shanrae
  • At the beginning of the scene when Riilai visits the forest with Shanrae after the inquisitor leaves (text re-appears when the CG appears)
  • The end fighting scene

My computer specs are:

  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

Hi Xand,
At several scenes in the game, the textbox disappears and I can't see the text. Please see the attached image for an example of the bug.

With the exception of the recording event...

If it helps, I triggered both Kaede and Kei’s events throughout the game.

Yup, I took the job on 2 December, but the event didn't show up when it hit 11 December. 

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I re-downloaded the Mac file, but the talk show event for Kaede doesn't show up on 11 December for me and the audition stays on the "Available" tab. ;_;

It works now :D Thanks :)

Even though the execution file is in the folder, I get an error saying "Could not execute C:\....\Kokorogawari-chapter2only-v1.0-win\lib\windows-i686\Kokorogawari Chapter 2 only- Version 1.0.exe. Is it missing?" The same error still pops up when I try it out on another computer and even when I try it using compatibility mode. I've tried accessing the Mac version of the demo using a MacBook as well with my settings set to "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere", but the application still fails to load.

I keep getting an error when I attempt to run the updated demos :/