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thanks ;)

Thanks :)

It's really fast to finish for the moment. I since worked on improving stuff (restarting levels and an indicator of where is the player) i also had the possibility to switch between white and black for the host in the menu. After that I will surely add a bunch of levels

thanks ;)
You exactly cite the 2 things i didn't had time to do. I've changed that since, now you can easily restart a level and there is and indication on the other scren of where the player is (it's like some fireflies following the position) Of course it will be uploaded as soon as the jam restrictions are ending ^^

Nice game ;)

The pixel art is very cool. It's a nice begining i want to see more ^^

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It's fun, needs improvments on long jumps (at least the platform being visible) ;)

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Nice story and nice game. The atmosphere is really cool, soods effects are great. Some point on the gameplay needs improvments. First on the rawboat it's very frustrating the way it goes sudenly right or left. I understand it needs a mechanic to lose the player in the fog but i think it sould more be done with a random slow but continuous angle speed it will really be more fun and less frustrating.  An other point I note is at the top of the lighthouse when you go up the ladder you spawn in front of it and when you do one step you go back in, would be better if we spawn in the other way to avoid that ^^.
I had fun playing nice job ;)

Nice job,  voices are cool (but i think the dialog with the boss is broken). It's technically good some improvments are needed on enemies but it's already really fun to play ;)

Hello nice multiplayer, i tried with 2 instances of the game in localhost seems to work fine (no desync). You should put in the description the used port for player to be able opening their port and try the game over the internet. I will also try to have an other player in local network to really play it ^^

I've also done a multiplayer game i know it's ambitious ^^
Don't hesitate to try mine ;)

Hello, there is no executable file in the download i can't play it ;)

when reopening the game to try your suggestions it was working ^^, so no idea why yesterday it didn't work (out of memory i think).
Really fun to play, I will definitly try with other players ;)

yeah, it's the same for me and lot of others ^^

I think you need just to ensure that every asteroids that will potentialy reach the player are already Visible in screen when light turns off. So 2 options, 1 reducing speed but it will be easier or, 2 reducing the Time light off so you Can keep fast speed ;)

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Nice game, mecanics are cool and the music fit very well. Need some adjusments but i really enjoyed ;)

Hello it's funny, every game i vote you are the only previous one XD it seems that we are the two fighters for voting least voted games ;) And you put more usefull comments. Thanks in behalf of the community ;)

Great job, some improvment needed on the vision in normal mode (or some asteroid are not dodgable). I like visual/soud fx ;)

Hello, not sure how to play but it's really well done. visuals and audio are great and all seems to work nicelly. Great job ;)

Hello, sorry i can't play the game it always crash when i press start the race. Have you an idea of a potential cause ?

Otherwise what i can see from the title screen and menu seems very polished and i really want to see the rest of the game ;)

thanks :)

Yeah needs improvments but was quit good with the jam concept

Really nice, i enjoyed the moment, mechanics are cool and well timed !

ok i will retry today ;)

Great little game, some moves are not really intuitive but the visuals and overall feeling is great !

Great little game, some moves are not really intuitive but the visuals and overall feeling is great

ho! yes thanks i just tried the light on ;)

I don't find what we are supposed to do after the train, help pls ? ^^

How can the mouse reach the cheese ?

well executed, really fun to play (+1 for map design)

nice begining ;)

thanks ;)

Thanks :)

If i go fastest as i can i go alone to finish line with no road  behind ^^

no problem ;)

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I love the concept of destroying the road, very funny.
It's just to easy I think other cars could go really faster ;)

Very simple and very funny :')

very simple but well executed ;)