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pause; hiatus; break

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it and took the time to put a comment.
Love your work as well !

Oh thank you, it was my intention. I'm glad you felt it.

Sounds just like me, thank you haha

Oh yea, thank you. I did it in a few hours because I didn't have much time and energy but I thought the concept was fun. I might expand on it one day who knows.


Wow loved the bowling part, the whole thing was quite nostalgic. Tumblr was quite an era haha.

thank you

Loved the art and the music was really nice too.

Really interesting, thank you for making something like this. It's a sort of peek into your brain and how you view art.

Great job, quite inspiring too

Quite fun, lots of details on the library. It looks great.

Loved the writing, good job on that

Thank you for the comment ! I will check your game and everyone's game once I get the time.

Yea right from the start I knew that I wanted to give a choice at the end. And also you don't have to gather all the clues to get to the end. So people can really put their perspectives on the mural like archaelogist back then did if they want to. 


Thank you :)

oh so fun, that’s the theme I gave. I have no clue what to do now haha 

powerpoint/lost media/preservation/mirror

Thanks for the comment. To be honest, I don't think there is much to understand it's just a love story so don't worry.

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Thank you !

I will try step by step to continue that idea :)

Yeah you're right about the controls I could put them somewhere. I got so used to the engine and how it works that I forget that it's the case for everyone. Thank you for the comment.
And the peach story is someone else but it's also a cool story.

Thank you for the comment

Thank you !

Thank you

Thank you, I love cheating my way into making an engine do what I want without programming much haha.

Oh thank you !
I love the games you made also.

Thank you and thank you also for the jam !

You did great, the puzzles are fun and not too hard.

Great job

Quite fun, good job. Loved the gameplay.

Good job, cool concept. The controls are a bit hard to get at first.But it's fun

Great job, loved the concept.

That's such a fun idea and a original and crazy way to make it reality. The art fits well with the idea.

Loved the work on UI and doing an onboarding. In 7 days alone, it's quite impressive.

Thank you
I hope I'll be able to do more stories like this in the future.

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Thank you.
In the narration I did wanted to convey that idea of daily thoughts and almost routine so I'm glad it came through.
Concerning the colour, yea I was hesitating between different intentions and palettes and in the end I didn't really make a choice. But I did wanted it to be a bit weird and unusual in terms of colors, I might come back to it soon to try other palettes.

Thank you for that game. Loved the concept. We need more Asian creators in video game also.

Thank you so much. I'm glad you were able to feel what I intended to convey.