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I believe free games cannot be claimable as they are completely free. I don't have any control over this as a developer as far as I know.

You can also download the print materials. They include a manual. I agree, the game is quite confusing if you don't know what the buttons do. :)

None. We just used the Ultra 64 sdk directly.

Here is a good starting point for N64 development:

Its a free jam game made in a weekend for shits and giggles! Don't expect too much, if it made you laugh we succeeded. :D

Yes. On both PAL and NTCS consoles. If you don't have an access to play roms on actual hardware Project64 emulator runs the game ok as well. Screenshots and videos are from the emulator as its easier to record.

It is a game for N64, so yes, it has N64 graphics. :)

Thanks! I was lucky to have such an awesome team for the jam. Having a dedicated writer really helps.

Yes! That is the end, not an error. Invokes the nostalgic feeling of buying an used game with no CD 2!

Added commented project source!

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I don't think I have time to do full post mortem, but I am planning on tidying up & commenting the source code and release it here as well.

Alt+F4  is global Windows hotkey to shut down the current process. You can use it to quit the game. 

You are correct, that it should quit more easily, ie. use escape. I usually add esc to quit to my jam games nowdays.

Try now. I ticked the Windows platform box. I don't use the app, I hope that helps. :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

The apk is inside the zip.

You are correct, I blame my sleep deprecated self from yesterday for that. I uploaded a zip that actually contains the game now!

@jayjayjay: You are a taxi crapet flyer and deliver customers around.
@bcoyle, @brianrose: It is a bit tricky to get the carpet into perfect position. When it is, the speed is good for even novices. Some of my friends tried to game without any help (other than having carpet in the right place) and they managed to get hang of it very fast. Try bending the carpet more into your lap. Thanks for the comments!

I just noticed that the video on the game page doesn't show up here. Here is some gameplay from jam night:

Engine: Unity with C#
3d art: Blender
2d art: Krita, Photoshop
Audio: Bfxr, Audacity

Might use Substance Designer/Painter if I end up needing advanced materials.

I will most likely put Unity project with the game upload for anyone to take a peek if they want.

Gameplay video: