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yaaa maybe xD

u have to go into the hideout xD

thank u for your kind comments!

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I m glad u like the game! u can join the bunktown discord and find me there xDDD

hi hi xD

hii xd

Thank u for letting me know xD idk why the server was shut down for a second :/

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Hi guys! I just released a Beta for my browser fighting and shooting game! It is an online multiplayer where you fight other players with a character you pick. If you have time, please check it out and let me know what you think! There is still a lot of content to add, but I want to put the game out to test it the multiplayer first!


ya after u create the quiz u can set it to private! u can try it xD u can edit ur quiz after anywayz sooo

oh it s to get to Delta at the top of the map!

you can! you can set it to private! :D


i m not sure what you mean...

I see! A mode where the players write their answers or their guesses for someone else, and other people then guess who wrote the answer? (I think i get it it s hard to explain xdd) Woah that would be really cool I will add it for sure :D


I'm really glad you like it! :D

Images as answers is a great idea! I will see how I can add that xd  Also, I was wondering, is there a specific game mode you would have liked to play? I could try to add it in the next update!

Thank you for the feedback xd