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Thanks for the feedback!

I can see where having multiple different inputs could be confusing. It probably makes sense that if you're typing for the bulk of the game, you should be able to restart the game with the keyboard. I wish we could've added more depth to the characters, but as you know, the time crunch really makes you scope down to the basics.

We actually have negative words in the game! Saying mean things removes the platforms. Give it a try!

I was confused at first how to connect the lines. for anyone else, you have to connect the nodes that come towards the center at the right time by right clicking. I like the concept! It's hard to anticipate when the nodes will connect when you're in slow mode, which made it difficult to get very far.

I like the concept! I personally love swingy physics like this. I wish the swing kept your momentum a bit more - you're stopped when you connect with an enemy. It'd be super sweet to fly between enemies and slinging yourself around at high speeds. Bosses are cool!

Wasn't too bad, the control of the "player" was interesting, haven't thought to do that before. The upgrades are a little slow for an incremental game. I think that if the game moved quicker, it'd be more engaging. Definitely a solid start!

Hey, I really liked this game! The twist with power-ups was simple but effective. I think there's more design space in the power-ups somewhere. Keep up the good work!