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Hi Ludipe!

We are also super excited to help you, at least, in this part. We believe that everything you do has a very creative value and can not be missed by the world for the reason of not having more hours the day or more hands on your body

Bleep Bloop is an exceptional game that defines you a little more the way you see the world. They always have that unexplainable aspect that can’t be defined by words but reaffirm that this game is 100% so yours.

We, from Zerouno Games Digital, are in debt because of your tips and for your great friendship.

- Zerouno Games Digital


Hi Community! How is it going?

Well, it is finally here. Watracio has woken up the next morning and has been accused of the disappearance of Daphne, the "friendly" waitress of Flamingo's Creek that he met in the first chapter "Ovnifagos Don't Eat Flamingos". And he, as he has been the last one with whom he has been seen…then you will have to withstand the blow in "1313 Barnabas Dead End Drive".

Live Flamingo's Creek in all its extensionTravel its streets and know its characters the madness of the most hated town for our protagonist, Watracio Walpurgis, our FBI eggplant agent…also a vampire.

Continuing with the clear inspiration between David Lynch, Twin Peaks, the Zelda saga, Pixel Art and top-down 2D vision, we will find the evolution of a second episode: open town. Now you have a much deeper experience of Flamingo's Creekand its inhabitants with the main story and the side missions. Enjoy this second and totally immersive adventure in which you will have to follow the track of Daphne Trujillofind her before it is too late and discover who the hell is the "inhabitant number 64".

Hahaha, very nice gameplay. Nice you enjoy the game! Thanks!!