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I've just tried to upload an update to my game, but  get the following  error when I try and preview the change:

Too many files in zip (773 > 500)

Any chance support can bump up my limit like has been done to others?


Dude, thank you for the response, so many options and approaches. Love it!

Hey Luyren, the docs are fantastic and I've already implemented a few of your behaviours :) I do have a question, do you have any advice/ideas on the following scenario. I have two actors in a scene, I've applied the dialog box to them, now I want to switch the order of conversation, so there is some back and forth conversation, for example:

A: hi, how you doing today 

B:Great thanks 

A:Do you want to go out somewhere?


A: Okay I know a place

A: Let go now

B: Ok sure

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Not too worry, my bad I was trying to apply the behaviour from Resource pack, not the logic behaviour... All good :) Looking forward to playing with it


Not sure this is the  right place for Questions, if not please let me know, but I've just downloaded the cut-scene pack, imported it and attached the behaviour 'Dialog Interface' to an actor, but when I compile it fails. When I open the failed behaviour it appears to be missing parts (see screenshot). Any ideas? I'm using Stencyl (4.0.2) Cheers

Cute as hell! Super slick animations and challenging learning curve

So... A few days ago I built a tool for manipulating images (yeah I know, Photoshop or whatever), but I wanted something different, something that first and foremost pixelated images, but also offered an "artistic flair", I wasn't after perfection; more abstraction...

When I saw this challenge and Sophie's Pico-8 "con" :) I figured this would be perfect. So I've just spent half an hour playing with my tool and some Tomb Raider images and generated these..  Pixelated and blurred! 

When viewing , squint your eyes to see the original source ;)

Original Raider:

Movie Raider: