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Hi i really like how you ask everyone for input and how much love you’re putting in your game. I just need to say that.

I really like how romantic this vn is and how we can sympathize with asterion’s pain. I love how we can share that with him, and the few minor interactions here and there are what really makes your game emotional.

I love sexy scenes, but what i love more is the romance of that goes along with it. So, i think my suggestion is to put more intimate scenes with Asterion? Not necessarily hot ones but more loving and gentle. Like him licking my hand to show his affection or him nuzzling my neck or something haha sorry. Anyways, i maybe also want him to be a little dominant with me but thats just my preference hehe.

Anyways!! Thank you for hearing me out and bringing your idea of a vn to life. ☺️