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Great visuals and a solid gameplay loop, and spot-on interpretation of the theme. This one really stood out for me with its attention to detail and excellent use of the time provided. My only gripe with it is the deployment: having the web game hosted directly on itch would make it much easier to share with other players, instead of having to download the TR Test Tool.

I love the idea of a food fight game, and this implementation manages to convey what it is, but this is one of those situations where some more time spent on visuals would have gone a very long way. If you do decide to spend some more time on this game, I'd dig to see some powerups as well!

I found the controls a little uncomfortable (perhaps would have been better with left/right steering buttons), but once I got used to them I enjoyed this game. Really nice decision to use the SA map as the game world. I think with some love and care this could become something fun, so I'd definitely like to see more work done on this game!

Solid feeling combat and overall sense of game mechanics, and enjoyable visuals. Fell a bit short on the theme (but the voice is funny!), and I feel like a bit of a lobby system would have added to the level of polish. But overall, good entry!

Haha, thanks! Those sweat particles are probably my favorite part of the game :P

Much appreciated!

Thanks for the comments! I actually agree about the music - it was an unfortunate victim of last-minute desperation! :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)