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Man i love it so much! You said it was made in a tiny amount of time but oh boy is it funny to read and I already want to play it. I suggest to you expanding your idea into a more complete game! Tried to make a dungeon crawler with cards 2 years ago, took me months to not even finish it! Well done!

You've made it! 

6 TTRPG games/scenarios made in 1 week. Congratulations to everybody who participated and I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at what your peers have done! 

May 2022 be a great year for all of you :)

The New Year's TTRPG jam is almost over!

It is the perfect time to give a last boost of energy to finish your project, and polish some details. How far are you from a final product, and did you have to lower your ambitions in order to finish it?

Thank you everyone for joining, we are more than 20 participants and I'm really excited to see your final projects. Keep up the effort!

PS: Here's a little teasing of my project ;)

Hey! This is a tabletop rpg jam so I think your skills won't be so much needed. If you're not familiar with tabletop rpg I'm encouraging you to stay and see the final projects ;)

For me, Quest was certainly a big source of inspiration for my stat-less system! One of the best rules-light game to introduce beginners to tabletop RPG!

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Hey! I hope that your Christmas celebrations were festive and joyful!

There are 5 days left to the jam, it's the time to focus on your objective and take important decisions about your project so you can focus on the execution.

Question of the day! Which role playing game did you play in 2021 and did any of them inspire your work?

Keep up the good work and don't hesitate to use the community tab as a suggestion/feedback request!

Hey welcome! I'm so curious to see what iw will look like, really intriguing! Will look out your lucid system it sounds quite cool ;)

the concept of liminal spaces sounds so intriguing to me. Translating that sensation in tabletop rpg seems quite difficult but looks really disturbing. I'm excited to see the final product!

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Your game is great, happy to hear that you liked making it :))

What a great game! This looks not only like a great solo RPG but also an excellent self-therapy. Really original way of using cards and RPG mechanics to talk about a day-to-day issue that probably touches all of us: achieving a project. I will try it out for sure. Great job!

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Hey! We're already 15 participants!

How is your first day of creation going? Do you have any ideas or did you already finish? Yes, we already have a submission from TheBillWitchingHour (take a look:! Great job on submitting the first project of the jam!

The fun is just starting, don't be shy to share your progress in the community page!

PS: My friend made an illustration to represent the jam, if it inspires you, take it and make it your own :)

The submissions are now OPEN! Have fun and be creative. Don't hesitate to invite your friends to participate or to help you out ;))

just a little logo to represent the new year's jam, not that important, but currently it's a random image i found on my desktop HAHA!

Hey! Welcome to this little game jam that is meant to provide a fun way to motivate you to finish a last TTRPG project before next year! If you have any suggestions about the layout, descriptions and logo (IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO MAKE ONE EVEN A REALLY SIMPLE ONE IT WOULD BE GREATTT) feel free! Hope you all like the concept and invite you TTRPG friends to participate. Anything RPG related is accepted from settings to complete games.

What a crazy rpg! Love the creativity and the simplicity of the system. Would love to give it a try, great job :)

15! It's written on the character sheet!

Thank you so much!

Thank you Fowlrun!


Thank you, your game was really nice too !

The camera is really cool and the animation also! Didn't quite understand where the clumping was involved, but it was fun!

That's a really fun concept

That is so fun. I want more levels!

What a sad destiny :O Thank you for playing my game :D

Wow! That's really a well polished game! Good job, that's really cool. Love the concept of switching between in and out, that opens the door to so much gameplay ideas. Well done ;)

Seems very promissing, I hope you continue it because it's really a nice concept!

Love the universe and the world! Didn't quite understand the principles at the start but when I understoof it was a cute experience. Good job!

Thank you! That's one of my inspiration you are right :)

Merci beaucoup. Le tutoriel a été vraiment fait dernière minute alors content que tu l'ai apprécié !

Oh thank you for your feedback. Actually the spacebar glitch is so dumb, it was just my developper option to restart the game and I forgot to disable it :/ We'll probably keep on working on it to make it a full game and maybe release it on mobile. Thank you!

The graphics are really cool and mysterious. I love the fact that we know nothing about why and where we are. It really adds to the atmosphere

Too short !! The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay with the TNT is great. You could change something to the controls tho, maybe mapping the jump to the "Up" arrow key

I love the game. The fact that there is many mini-games really add to the experience and the fun. You could transport the player automatically to the menu tho, always pressing  Esc. was a little annoying !

Hmmm, a strange experience I will admit :D. I must say that the controls are extremely annoying, but I was really interested by the game at first. The graphics are not ugly, at the inverse they are giving a charm to the game. That was strange, but I'm sure youcan turn this into something interesting and well written. 

Wow! Your game is just really fun to play! It's a perfect sandbox game to spend some time. It's interesting to see the different way people can make a mining game. You took the sandbox way where you can destroy everything, on the other way I made a quest-oriented game based on speed and reflex. Even if the ennemies are soooooo anoying, I had a blast playing your game!

Wow the graphics are gorgeous and the world you created is really interresting. Congratulation

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Really cool concept, simple but it really adds to the experience. Really polished for a game made in 2 days and the atmosphere is just so great.

Impressive graphism and atmosphere. I could not hide my deception when I saw that you didn't finish your game.

Really fun and intuitive concept. Love the minimalism, could be a great time waster.

Really fun to play! Love the simple graphics and the ambience! Good job