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It's neat, I like it.

But... Jesus, commenters on games can be the fucking worst. Its a free demo nerds; maybe don't be a dick and go touch grass.

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I love this. Very funny (or at least satirical). Reminds me of Yahtzee Croshaw's novel "Differently Morphous". ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Edit: just read your Postmortum. I haven't read the Laundry Files, but now I'd like to.

Got an error when trying to download from the app, when it couldn't find a file for download.

Any tips on designing dungeons using ASCII text? Any specific fonts, word/graphics programs? Thanks.

Just a couple of things. I won't address the save issue or others that everyone seem to have noted.

So... it runs terribly slow. I know that I have a potato laptop, but I can run Stardew Valley (and most anything made before 2015) at 30+ FPS. This game crawls into the 10's when in the reactor room, and single digits when surrounded by rocks on a planet.

Also, which the pixel stretching, it doesn't control well in fullscreen. Mouse position doesn't match the entity being selected.

First off, I have greatly enjoyed this game, and have but roughtly 6 hours in so far.

There is one thing that is slightly annoying, even though it is my fault - a few times now I have finished a map and hit "exit" which takes me back to the desktop, when I intended to go back to the menu. This is my mistake and a mild inconvenience, but I notice that my games do not save when I do this - the map is as if I never played it. I was somewhat surprised the game did not save your state when the requirements for the map were finished.

Great fun, played for an hour straight before I died. 

Honestly I thought it was too easy, before hitting level 10 and losing two fights in a row.

A couple extra features, maybe an overworld/shop/selling minigame, and very slightly polished graphics, and I'd pay money for it, guaranteed.

That was exactly it, thanks.

Having an odd mouse drift bug, a few degrees to the left per second. Not getting it in any other games or apps. Getting it even after restarting and uninstall/reinstall.


Thanks for the reply. I did have another question - is there a chance of this being uploaded in such a way that I can play it straight from the application, and not just have the installer sitting in the itch folder? Not a dealbreaker at all, it would just be very slightly more convenient.

From the description, I'm a little unclear - is this a sequel or not?

Some minor glitches (odd door clipping mostly), but a really good 20 minutes or so of Zelda gameplay. 

First off: Excellent. Smooth as silk gameplay. The sprint mechanic is great and really helps you play with vertical puzzles/secret-finding. Bullet time worked very well and felt great. My only suggestions are small, personal opinions for tweaks.

1. Maybe increase the delay between when the yellow zombies see the player and when they fire. If you are too close when first spotted, it's nearly imposible to dodge.

2. It was sometimes unclear where to go with the keys - the lighted signs were great, but some more environmental cues saying "this is a key door" might help. Maybe I'm just blind, though.

3. Guns maybe feeling a little weak; this is probably a purely psychological/sound issue, since hits-per-kill I think they're pretty perfect.

4. I found myself not using the thrown katana, since if I was out of ranged weapons, only being able to use it ever 5 seconds or so was too slow. 

Hey thanks for the reply, hopefully I didn't come across too harsh. I really think this has potential, otherwise I wouldn't comment. Keep it up.

I can't run it on Windows, sorry.

Your XNA Framework seemed to install correctly, but nothing opens after that.

x64 Win10, AMD A6, AMD Radeon R4, 1.8 GHz, 16GB RAM

The time bomb at the end doesnt seem to work properly. I ended up at -20 seconds or so (went the wrong way, lol).

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A really good twitch/Olympic-speed-running/heavy-metal shooter. A bit more Serious Sam than Quake or Doom, but I also like SS; running around wide rooms as dozens of enemies kite you and run face-first into your buckshot. And who doesn't like a fucking raptor gun-paladin?

I see the Dark/Demon Souls comparisons of some players, but this really doesnt compare; not because of diffculty, but becasue the clunky stamina mechanic is far too slow. Even with low stamina in a Soulsborne game, you can still attack and defend - being unable to attack or defend even from the worms and bats for 10 seconds while you go all the way back up to 100 stamina (not even just to positive numbers, but all the way to maximum) is not punishing, its poor gameplay.

All of your other games run very well on my PC but this demo has a very slow framerate. Not sure why that is.

This is hilarious, thanks.