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It was a fun and a little scary experience. Overall it's pretty cool. I think, when you get the chocolate there are too many guys spawning completely blocking you out of destination but I know it should be challenging.

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Hello, so I played the game. A little confusing that only certain shelves can be open, but it's fine. Really liked it. Keep up the good work.I think it needs more backstory, and like differentiate pickable objects from the other. More sound effects would really do a great job. I don't know if it's a bug but at the end when you live the room my character went through the wall and I didn't see what was the light there. 

Don't be sorry. For a first game you did pretty well. The game needs some explanations and thats all.


So I played your game.

The first thing that impressed me was the intro, there are not many prologues like these, but it's long and you can't skip it. I'll tell you what I find not appealing to me.

First of all, the intro as I said before. Then there are these npcs that doesn't do anything besides walking or sitting. I think keys should be placed randomly and why even you need 3 keys if there is only one lock on the door. Speaking of doors, some of them are place incorrectly, and some of the textures just don't match the environment. Then there is a story, I know you wrote that after drinking the mc end up in the asylum, but how does he know he need exactly 3 keys, my point is, I think you should leave some notes of like janitor to other workers so it doesn't come from the thin air.

Why is the asylum haunted anyways? That would also need some explanations.

Otherwise, if you work some more on the game I'm pretty sure it will come out great. Enjoyed playing it.

Wow! Thank you very much for this long comment. I agree with you. I could have implemented more storyline by myself, as I was heavily relying on the creepypasta. I think I could have made better graphics to make it match everything. The picture you were talking about, I think I shouldn't implement it,  just make it a little different. Thanks for all the tips I really appreciate it. I will take note of what you wrote in the future projects.