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Looks cool! Is this actually related to quantum mechanics in any way, or just a cool name?

Looking at the screenshots, you do not seem to be using non-Euclidean geometry  (non-Euclidean geometry is a completely different thing than portals -- portals change topology but not geometry, see here).

Thanks for the nice words! Yeah, it is very difficult to market :(

Thanks for the great game!

Love the name (hated "Non-Euclidean Room", the geometry is Euclidean here, it is just the topology which is weird).

For the sequel maybe the third-turn space could be used for something, it has similar Escher's Relativity effects, but is a complete manifold, not walls with portals (a bit like in Manifold Garden but connected in a more Escheresque way).

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Neither portals nor gravity changes have anything to do with non-Euclidean geometry. Escheresque is what you mean :)

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Experimenting with topology is cool! Calling donuts, Klein bottles or Möbius strips non-Euclidean is not correct though (they have different topologies but their geometries are Euclidean). Also the bullets on the sphere move along the parallels. In a correct, non-Euclidean implementation of spherical geometry they should not.

Jak się naciśnie "gdzie dwóch się bije tam trzeci korzysta" w momencie gdy został tylko 1 przeciwnik, to gra się wiesza. A przynajmniej ja nie umiem nic zrobić. Powinna być możliwość cofnięcia wyboru przysłowia.

I think that's a very cool feature :) But if the players google "non-Euclidean", they will find the mathematical definitions and get confused, as it means something completely different (you are describing an Euclidean manifold / impossible space, not a non-Euclidean space). Why not just say something like "carriages that defy the laws of physics and are larger on the inside than they appear from the outside "?

How do "non-Euclidean carriages" work? ("Non-Euclidean" means a space where Euclid's parallel postulate is not satisfied (parallel lines do not act like in Euclidean space and thus there are e.g. no rectangles) ... unfortunately many gamers use "non-Euclidean" for anything that has any kind of weird rules.)

Thanks for reporting the problems! Agreed, there is some room for improvement. I think I should create actual Linux packages -- this should solve the problems. I will do this later :)