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Thanks for the tip, but I'm pretty sure this isn't intended. I fought Zeus again, and reacquired his lightning and ended up in the second level. Here's a clip of the issue:

I entered the door after the cutscene following the viking arena room (the one at the start of the Egypt rush) and was sent back to level 1.

Level 28 has an unintended solution where you can finish as a piece with 18 tiles. Really liked the game, and I hope it gets a full release one day.

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I, uhm, crashed level 15 by getting all four blocks to collide in the center and create infinite blocks. Please send help.

Thanks for putting LaserCat in the bundle, it's some good fun, but it seems to have a bug where jumping off a moving platform gives no height. This makes collecting one key impossible.

I submitted this to a blind racing tournament. Thought you might be interested in watching the video:

Cool concept, although I felt hopeless when the light dwindled down and knew I couldn't complete the level. Maybe a reset button to quickly retry. Also, I think it could use a couple more mechanics. It'd be nice if killing the enemies restored some of the light. Having the light change color somehow for different effects might be interesting to explore. The collision detection with spikes isn't very forgiving, or maybe it's the movement that feels slippery. Some indication of the kicking direction would be nice.

Downloaded for free, and now it suddenly costs money. Where did the demo go?

Editor doesn't work for me :(

Super hype for the full release.