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My time zone is central, but it should set that to display for your timezone I believe.

Limitation:  Happily Tired

Premade Assets are allowed since it is such a short jam
No NSFW content

Limitations are basically restrictions, but no theme. 5 hours I feel is enough of a theme. lol

you can die, but yes, getting on those makes you invincible reall

Thanks for commenting! I most likely won't update much. this was just a learning experience, and I made it as my first real unity game. I may update, but am not certain. I'll add you to the leader board too.
Thank you!

Thank you for submitting! Good luck on the ratings!

Yes El_Mender, super sorry

It was an error in the engine and I haven't found the issue yet. I will tell you when I fix it.


 - ZenethGameMaker106

ah, ok

yo dude, watch his youtube video, he is working on it

hey, I have a server for artists, we got several amazing 2d artists

would you like the link?

well, cosmo says it must be the city. That's it. Me and the team im with are adding an endgame point. It is not necessary but just think about what you want your game to be and the audience you want to hit. Some people differ on the way they like open world games or city style games. If you want an endgame point then add one. If not, then don't. Make it however you want. Sorry, I know I am not cosmo but I am saying this by what I've read.

thank you, that's what I wanted to hear, lol 

Q. are assets allowed?

Q. if so, are we allowed to make them for our games?

Q. Is  just me or is this a great jam idea???

it won dude of frog


Comment the limit you want below then one of them will be chosen for the jam. 1 idea per person.

thanks Pablo. look forward to those posts!

yep! I hope that is helpful to the people joining your jam

this is a discord art server for anyone one who wants help

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thank you! next time you should join the hour jam with me and see what you can do

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2000 was my highscore, good game, very fun and dream-like

MIDWEEK ANIMAL JAM community · Created a new topic Nice Jam

Good Jam idea. Interesting Concept. If you would like to join a server to host and advertise your future jams, here is the link

Also, if you need help with future jams, you can contact me in that discord server.

            - Zeneth

you good, just wondering. If you would like to join the discord for the jam that would be great

will you still be entering the fps mini jam

FPS Mini Jam community · Created a new topic Streaming

I will be live doing game creation here soon:

wow, you usually cant put stuff like this online. good work

FPS Mini Jam community · Created a new topic Streaming

I will be streaming me developing my entry when the jam starts at this link:

the air vehicle controls are tough, but other than that and the blood, this Is fun

Totally Fun! I don't know why but blowing sheep into a giant monsters mouth is super enjoyable. And it felt even better to feed them to the monster after they start attacking me!

All in all, I love the game!

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Its all good

Oooh... Here you go...

thanks Scottie

Did that work


That's for both of yo

here, try this

Sure, here

Thank you


Yey, I should try that, Thank

Axlaser, please go to the discord here It is a topic on FPS Games and I'd love to have you join. Anyone else is invited.

I didn't make it that you had to be close to grab the money because it is hard enough. I wanted to add the time display but forgot to do it and had very little time left. Thank you for pointing them out! And what was your high score? Mine was 3100.