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Discord Invite

A topic by ZenethGameMaker106 created Aug 14, 2018 Views: 347 Replies: 14
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Axlaser, please go to the discord here It is a topic on FPS Games and I'd love to have you join. Anyone else is invited.


i'll join


do you mind sending the discord link again the link has expired 

Sure, here


sorry for not being active my notifications aren't working at all so i will just keep my browser open so if you could send it one more time that would be nice. 

can't you post an invite link that ... I don't know... doesn't expire for the duration of the jam? I mean the last thing I currently need is to join another Discord-channel, but who knows.

here, try this

That's for both of yo



Did that work


set it to not expire. You can do that, you know?

Oooh... Here you go...

thanks Scottie


no problem. Sorry for being late.

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Its all good