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Thank you. I finally figured that part out haha. Now if only the star filling part worked.

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Love the game so far. I am having trouble though with the 5th star filling in for Tocchan. I have visited/hung out several times during the day, called him and gone on a date but yet it won't fill.  I have tried various sites as well. I am on Nov 3 now :( 2 months trying to trigger it. I really don't understand why it is not working. Pls help!!

Loved the demo. Can't wait for the full version. 

I loved this game. It was easy to get attached to all of the characters and the ways in which romance budded. It is hard for me to pick a favourite as they are so different from one another and yet they coexist well within the ship. I love how one route integrates into the next route, showing a new piece of a whole story. It is very well done. I cannot wait  for Nasir annd Doc routes as well.  I was curious if there will be some exploration of characters outide of the ship? Anyways, thank you for making this and keep up the good work!

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I am having the darndest time trying to install the r-18 patch. Full game was bought with steam key.  I am not too computer savy, is there any guide on how to find the file and install it? I clicked on the above and it showed it downloaded but where do I go from there?  I cannot seem to find the READ ME tzt file and unzipping didn't seem to work. :(  I wish that you made this more user friendly.  Can you implement the download from steam itself in the future?

Ps Love the game so far :)