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these are really great!

I know, it's purely aesthetic based.

cool! ill check that out. it was last-minute named mad mansion for the jam deadline, the working title in the files is mansion mayhem.

thanks for playing!  I'll fix these and everything else that was mentioned in the next update after the game jam submission rating period has ended...unfortunately that room is just bugged.

this is really cool, a great start indeed; reminds me of the old RTS days. Controls/ explanation of controls could definitely be more intuitive but this concept is exciting.

fixed. thanks for your patience!

Now fixed! thanks for the feedback

Sounds great!

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EDIT: fixed.

this doesn't make sense to me. I can't replicate it in the engine at all, so I'm guessing it must be something with deployment and possibly encryption. Big thanks both of you 👍👍

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thank you for letting me know!! once i get access to my setup again ill fix this prototype, and in about a months time i'll probably update it to the full demo.

nice surprise, looks great!

Sounds great! Does purchasing the track allow you to use it in a game project?

this was the best addition you could add to the rest of the packs. fits the tone nicely and fills in some gaps of things i needed for a pseudo-modern setting. 

I followed the development of this on tumblr for a while, and wow, it really turned out looking good! very excited to get off steam!

awesome castlevania 3 vibe but better aesthetics