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You can find the game here
If you enjoy it say something, like, your highscore for instance.

You can find the game here
It's a minimalist score attack game loosely inspired by a stream I was watching the other day.

Nice one, feels addictive and fun to play.
Don't know if you have a plan to make this into something more, but as is, it was worth the time I spent in it.

Nice one, here is my, hopefully helpful criticism:
- the sound and music are not great, they don't fit with the game (may be personal opinion based on taste)
- the puzzles may be a bit too easy if you are not always trying to get the smaller number of moves
- the puzzles seam a bit to similar after you completed a few, maybe it would be nice to add a secondary mechanic to spice things up, or change art style here and there
- I could really use an undo key, so I could try something out without having to restart

And that's that.

Welp, you probably could use a game over at level 30 or something :p after that something happened and no more zombies to kill; also it may be my crapy laptop, but the game was lagging hard, so probably having less zombies and add some variety could help, but was fun to pass the time, although very basic.