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What an epic pose and moment ruined by the lootbox dropping there.

Actually you can run this from the game page by hitting "Show local files" and then just run the exe file, no Appdata diving necessary.

But yeah, it should just work by default.

Oh I alrady played it, just pointing out the fact it doesn't work with the app, i.e. the so far most convenient way tp play itch games :)

It means the game doesn't run when installed with the app

Please fix this, thanks

Thanks for releasing the demo :)

Feedback sent.

Try d-pad...

Hi guys, where to post feedback? Here or would you rather prefer email?

Oh man, I completely miss that, thanks

Hi, game is fun, but can we have different default key for jumping? (Z, X, A, S) There's hardly any other key worse for repeating presses than SPACE. Thanks