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Ok, I'll try that. Thank you very much!

It has been so long since I last played this. To be honest, the reason I downloaded it again is to be able to listen the music that plays when Hyper opens the first door (I plan to read this entirely once It's completed) But It has been replaced with another song :') 

Is it possible to ask what is the name of the song that played before? Thank you :)

Don't really know for sure. Maybe some furry hater or something? Whatever, pay it no mind XD

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Well, the grammar in not exactly the best. But I think he meant something like "Don't you have anything to do but disturbing the human mind?"

Trust me, spanish is my native languaje, and even I had to read that several times to understand. 

Oh yes! I like where this is going.  I'll be waiting for the next updates. Thank you!

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Es raro ver una novela que esté español, pero he de decir me gusta cómo va pintando la cosa. Hay uno que otro errocillo por ahí, pero meh, es completamente entendible. Buena VN, ¡Y gracias! :D

Very well, I'll check twitter when I can. Thanks for the reply. Another thing: Can I request and try to translate this into Spanish? I'm not a writer or anything, but I kinda found renpy somewhat intuitive to use. If possible, I could translate directly on the code or something.

I don't want to impose or anything. And I apologize in advance for the burden :'3

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Fuck... I just finished reading this, and I got to say: Now I'm going to think about it ALL night (Literally, I work at night today :v). Of all the novels I have read, this one is the third that has made me cry. I hope there's sequel, I would like some answers (Plaster's whereabouts, for example). Seriously, I think this is well written, and that's considering english is not my native languaje, now imagine if I had read this in Spanish...

Also, I usually change music manually from time to time while reading, but I got stuck listening to "Fullmoon Horology ~ Eternal Paradox" for what, three straight hours?

You have my respect, not all people write things like these.

Well, I have rambled enough. Still, thank you. Thank you very much. You've made my day very entertaining. :D

Oh! I remember playing the demo long ago. I haven't had the time to read this, but I'll do it eventually. Thank you!

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I like how this is going so far.  I just noticed a little mistake... (possible spoiler)








There's an space missing in this line between "clothes" and "a".

That's all. Thank you! :D

Edit: Also, Why doesn't USA use the metric system! As far as i know, it's the only country in the world that doesn't, XD

Very well. Thank you.

Nice. I like slice of life the most and this one definitely has catched my attention. Thank you! :3

Tried android version, and the only problem I noticed is that the game doesn't adjust to my screen size.  For example: once I get to the park, I can't go back because I can't click the red mark :')

Besides of that, I think it's good. Thank you!

Is translating possible for this? I know I would have so much fun doing it. BTW, I really ike this novel. Thank you!

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For a moment I was going to ask for android, until I read the file name. I was fooled by the Apple icon LOL.

Oh, Right. I didn't notice that there's a discord server. Thank you.

Okay, I found another mistake.  "Grab" changes to "grabs". This time is third person :3

Hi, maybe It's too late to say this. But I found what I think is a grammar error. The line in question goes "I sat down to hug my legs, an buries my face into my arms." The word "buries" would be replaced by "bury". "Buries" is used for third person, as I have been taught. Sorry if this is incorrect. English is not my native language. XD

Still, I'm liking this novel so far. Thank you!

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Hay una cosa que específicamente me llamó la atención y sólo tengo 2 palabras que decir: Pierogi Toss

Jaja. Como sea. Centrándonos en la actualización 3.0... Creo que no estaba preparado para lo que estaba por venír :')

Sigue así.

Question: It's only me, or the music and sounds seem to get muted whenever I plug/unplug my headphones? Nice update BTW.

I've said before that I wouldn't play this until It's finished. But, I couldn't resist.  (Potential Spoilers, stop reading if you don't want any)






And after reading Jun's route... I was devastated. Took me literally SIX hours or so of reading before my night shift (I work in a hospital). I've seen many things so I kinda can understand the pain in Yuuichi's friends and family. That aside, given the situation,  I would love to see Yuuichi learning to play the piano in order to fill the emptiness that the accident had left in him.  That would make me cry more than I have done. Thank you very much for this visual novel.

Rowley again? Aww... I was waiting for Angus' update :')

A lo que leído, quiero asumir que 3 personajes "dateables" (No sabría darte una traducción, ya que literal sería "citable", pero creo que suena raro. Perdón, leo mucho en inglés y se me quedan los términos pegados XD). Cuatro si consideramos a Eliot, aunque por ahora lo dudo mucho ya que su rol en la trama es casi nulo. Pero eso no se sabe. Ya veremos en una próxima actualización...

¡Gracias!  Y una disculpa por la molestia :')

Holaa. Tenía ya tiempo de no leer esto y hay algo que según yo, puede mejorar. ¿Se podría aumentar el tamaño de letra en android? Me cuesta un poco leer y siento que fuerzo un poco la vista. ¡Gracias!

Right. Thank you.

Um... Hi. Sorry, I have changed my phone for a new one, and I lost all the progress I've made in Tai's route. Mi question is: Is it possible to add a "Skip to next choice" button or something? Skipping text normally takes too much time, and I don't really have a lot of free time considering that I work at night thrice a week and sometimes I work in daytime too. Without nothing more to say, thank you.

I think It may be something with my phone, beacuse I started over and It solved the issue. Thanks, by the way.

LOL, I'm headless XD

Oh, okay. Thank you.

It must've been a year or more since I last read this visual novel. So imagine my surprise to see that Haruki's got a route. Wow.  Still, I'm planning to read it when the project is over. I'll se what's changed from what I remember. It could be like reading from zero, actually. Anyways, thanks for this.

It may be small in the thumbnail,  but Axel's floating head is still present in the Intro Remake XD

Whatever, It's been a while since I got to read Sileo. Helps with not getting rusty in english. Thanks :)

Nice, new update. Though, I replayed Ray's route and I noticed that Tobias old sprite is still present. Is it a bug? Or totally intentional? Whatever is the case, thanks for give us new material to read, like always.

Don't worry. You didn't know I speak spanish, so I can't really be mad. More than being rude, you were doubtful. So, I take no offense on it.

Spanish is my native language, so I'm pretty sure that's what I heard :D

LOL, Most of the voices in the crowd sound kind of muffed, but  I'm pretty sure they are speaking in spanish, being the most clearer line "Pinche Basura".

Aside from that, for being short, it was nice reading this. Thank you!

I've played this before, but in this last update I "managed" to get the "Secret mode".  Today is already late in the  night to read, but tomorrow morning I'll see (or read :v) what awaits for me. Thanks for this, I still find the story very entertaining. Amy is like that friend who makes people's day more enjoyable. 

Wow, for a first build It has a considerable amount of text. Now I have nothing but good toughts about the project. Thank you! I loved reading this. 

Fuera de las ocasionales faltas de ortografía, he de decir que da gusto leer una novela de este tipo en español. Son escasísimas las que incluyen este idioma. Y en cuanto a la novela como tal, ¡Está genial!  

Gracias y ánimo con ella :D

Please, tell me that next update it's going to be Angus update. It's been past a year since I've interacted with him :')