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Okey, for some reason I've been looking at this game multiple times but never actually downloaded it for some reason. Yesterday however I did just that, I downloaded it and started playing. I have to admit that I think it'd s great game, a bit slow maybe bet great. Keep it up

I couldn't make her a prefect. Ended up with me restarting the game since it took to long before I got any answer, thanks to that I managed to find out why nothing never happened. After getting her to level 3 I never choose the "touch her" option, that made the game getting stuck for some reason.

But thank you for answering at least :)

I stopped playing this after the first week, why? Because I felt  that the MC didn't even care to meet his wife again. It dosn't even matter if you agree with the twins to meet her again, MC don't even ask them to let him meet her. 

Maybe i'll try it again at some point, maybe I don't.

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Someone plz help me. I'm on day 246 atm and I can't continue with anything until Debbie makes something wrong. I've been everywhere at every time, but she never makes anything anymore. Sometimes in class Headmaster thinks that she will do something eventually, but she never does. Do I need to wait even more or am I missing something?

Also, great game :D

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This game was fantastic, I think this was the first adult VN I've played with an real adventure in it.  the artwork is okey, however the animations are weard. Also the sound are a bit tiring since there's the same music through the whole game.

A long game with a lot of lewd scenes, good artwork and one great adventure. There's also a big plus for multiple endings, as TheMysticalNinja said the games needs a gallery so that you knows what endings you've gotten. Thank you for this game.

Well, yes and now I'm even "Elite Soldato". However I actually never opened the event meny. Thank you for telling me, I can finally go on :D

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This is by far the slowest game I've ever played. Then again, I'v more or less just started. Hope it gets better, it at lest seems like a good game.

Not only do you need to run around town for Hours, You don't even get any type of hint on what/where you can go next. So you really have to look all over the town and talk to everyone you can for any chans to find any events.

This game is really amazing and special. I've never seen anything like this, even tho I haven't gotten far I've really gotten hooked for this game. The sound effects are amazing, and all the music in it I just love. I thank you for making this game, however I think I got a problem.

Idk if it's because the game haven't updated further or if I've encountered a bug but I can't go on in the main story. I'm stuck on "Story 5: The proud fazio". In tool tip it says that i need to be soldato and it should be daytime, however now I'm rank 8 which means I've been soldato for a while and I've tried to go on every time of the day. Nothing works, did I encounter something or did the game not updated far enough?

Ah, Finally I got that that answer. Thank you :)

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Okey, lets see here.


I've seen this In several games and it always confuses me, I mean why??? If it's to avoid incest then why make it so they're family anyway?

Don't get me wrong, so far I like this game. I'm just confused over why you make it so that they're family and then use different words for it.

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I really enjoyed this game. I think I found one thing to complain at, and that's the animation. However If I'm not mistaken there was a message in the beginning of the game saying that the animations was being updated, so there's not even worth complaining about that.

Obs, Spoilers coming.

There's som much love in this game (and love making).

Just look at Jade's story. A girl that walked the road to hell and end up on the street, out of nowhere a stranger (MC) shows up and manages to get her both a job AND a home. He more or less gives the girl her life back, and she gets so happy for it. Tbh, her happiness almost made me cry.

Then there's Naira. Such a shy girl, but somehow she manages to gather the courage to ask MC if he wants her crystal, which is basically the same as asking if he wants to marry her. And even tho she's so shy, just a few days before that she shows MC her secret side when dragging him into her room with desperation in her eyes. That event really blew my mind, I mean WOW.

Well, as said. This game is really something and I'm really looking forward to the next update. Thank you for this wonderful game.

I'm really looking forward to updates for this game, it's really good. Keep it up

will you be adding any anal in the upcoming or future updates

Hey, I know you let patreons vote what universe next chapter should be and atm I'm no patreon due to bad economy. But I'd like to suggest a universe.

The Naruto universe, there's some really nice looking girls in there.

Also, I wanted to ask. In the start of the main game MC got a lot of fun tools to help him in his quests, what ever happened to those things? I kinda miss them.
Also, what happened with the communicator side quest from the other club?

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy all the chapters

I was sure that I did save in chapter VI, but I don't got any saves in any of the chapters. Guess I'll have to replay it...

Thx for a great game tho

I just got one thing to say, LOL. 
Weird game.
Entertaining, but weird.

How do I continue from where I left of in VI? I tried to transfer the save folder from VI to VII but that didn't work

In a city full of sex starved women you'd expect to see some femdom, but on the other han it's just chapter one.

Good job, really liked this one. I'll be waiting for chapter 2

I gonna be honest, I can't finish this game because of the terrible English. Half of the time I don't even know what I'm choosing, and at one time in the game the language suddenly turned to Russian or something. I didn't understand shit.

But there was som stuff that I did enjoy in the game, at least as far as i did get. Doe that the game gets some plus point.

I'm gonna be honest, the first 2 Hours or so I thought this was boring as hell. Now I've been playing this game for like 9 Hours straight, it's safe to say that it got better. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I play it again sometime. Nice work


I really need to say that this game is fantastic, even tho I don't got anything to do at the moment I still keep playing it.

Favorite Chapter being number 9, that is to 100% pure brainwash Samus. Genius, I really do hope something similar happens in a future chapter.

Plz tell me it'll keep coming more chapters other than the Dragonball chapter that is.

Btw, sry for the long Comment.

Triss don't have a stripper suit, she's just naked.

That's interesting. When asking Cara to look for Sylvia on the cameras the game jumps back a bit to when the guard is looking in the cabinet.

When doing "Deeper Conversation" with Nami you get the exact same questions as you get for Samus