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Btw, I'll try this game. It looks interesting 

How come that the ppl uploading the games here are so bad at making a kink list? I mean, that'd probably help get more ppl to download the game if they knew what kind of adult content they could expect.

There is nothing worse than to get all exited about a new AVN only to notice that it's filled with stuff you got no interest in.

It's just a thought I've had for a while....

I do have a suggestion of something you could out in the game, it's just a big shame that I have to pay on patreon to get in contact with you on discord. After all, it's something for the game.

And I can't say this enough, I love this game and I have done so for at least a year.

Took me a few days to finish

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Great story, and I really like the characters.

Really wish MC had a bit more contact with the mute ninja (who's name I cant spell), I mean he could use his relic to know what she wants to say or something. Plus I like her, for some reason I get the vibe that she's the kind of person you can fight non stop with, but once it's a real fight agains an enemy she always got your back.

I think that's the only thing I miss in this game.
I also think it's a shame to make this game in renpl'y since (in my opinion) the games made with ren feels stiff somehow, lifeless if you wish.

But still, really great story and I do look forward to the next chapter.

Using paid version of "TotalAV". But yeah, I never suspected that it was a virus. Just thought I'd mention that it warned me about it. 

I do however have to mention that I got a trojan warning from this game

Appreciate that you explained why you did it, and after hearing why you did it I do think that you may have a point. 
Keep up the great work

I found this game really interesting. I really loved the skill element of the game, to be able to really make your own character evolve during the story. The art style isn't to bad ether, I really like the comic book style.

The characters of the game is not to bad. My favorite girl so far is probably Emma, but I do hope for more characters to come.

There's probably just one thing I can think of that I didn't like, that being all the time skips. It's way to many and they're way to long.

But overall I really enjoy this game. You've earned yourself a follow from me and I'm really looking forward to upcoming chapters.

The story in this game is amazing. I love it

Yeah. I guess we'll find out more about it in a future update 

Did you also get a lot of errors in that occurrence? 

I met some kind of monster by the lake, in the same event I got a lot of different error messages. The weird thing was that they error message kept changing, so I was unable to post it here.

What's up with that monster anyways, it seemed like it wasn't supposed to be in the prolog since I never encountered it again.

Wtf, 9 GB for windows?? I have to try this

I think it happened me three times, unfortunate I only remember one. The first time I met Ally at the bar

This chapter was weird. For example, in one of the paths you flee out the window and the next thing you're walking in on the the goo thing. What happened there?

Also, this chapter gave me a really cool ide for a chapter. What if at one point Sylvia gets inte some really deep shit and just for a second shows her true power as Sylvanas? Just for a second, and then goes back to being Sylvia.

I did like this game and will drop a follow. However I do have to say that it could use some work, for some reason I got stuck a few time early on because the dialogues started going backwards.

Then ofc there's the classic ones where it's obvious that a line is meant for someone else than the one who's saying it, or where it should say she it says he instead.

Stuff like that is ofc nothing serious. But the weird thing where conversations are going backwards are a bit annoying since it's making it a bit tough to go on. But as said, I'm dropping a follow for this game and I'm looking forward to the upcoming updates.

I liked this game since it first released, it got both humor and amusing graphic.

But there's one thing that's been annoying me, there's no warning or notification when the chapter is at the ending. It just jumps back to the main meny, meaning that you HAVE to play the chapter at least one more time to get a save at the end of it.

NICE!!!! I was honestly starting to think it would never come, sry about that.Thx for a great game, this is still a favorit since long bac

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I'm not saying this game is bad or anything, I find it interesting and I like it. But it's a bit to much focus on feet's for a guy who don't have a foot fetish (like myself). And if there's to much focus on a fetish someone don't have it easily gets tiresome. Just a tip for the potensual upcoming games/chapters

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Ah, so it's so the player knows what happens meanwhile. Good to know, thx for a great game btw (and for quick answer) :D

I have to ask something. I just encountered a message saying "Coming up in version 0.7" And I've always hated when series revieals what will hapen in the next episode, so I have to ask is this the same? Or can I continue reading without being afraid of spoilers?

So, I've seen this game SO many times here and I finally decided to try it. Gota say that I love the story, and the artwork/graphic isn't that bad ether. I honestly didn't expect to like this game, but I was proved to be wrong. I just started on chapter 2 and I really hope it's as good as the first one

I really like this story, the characters are interesting and I really love the constant free roam element. But I have to say that this game could be better by correcting the english, every now and than it's not the best. however I also have to say that I've seen wors (alot wors), and it is actually possible to understand atleast. All in all it's a good game and I like it more than I expected to.

Would love to see supergirl in one of thise games, that would be really interesting

Do I have to make a profile/account just to look around or is that only needed to make posts and stuff?

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So far I've played to my first day at work, and so far I really like the game. The english could use some work, but I've seen worse. I'll follow this game, I wana see more of it. Good work

Usually I don't like Ren'Py games, I don't really know how to explayin why. I guess I don't like the stile most Ren'Py games got, the characters seem so stale. Like they're robots or something. But this game seems really interesting, and therefor I'll give it a try. I'm well aware that not all Ren'Py games are the same, and a few of my fev adult VN is actually Ren'Py games. Let's hope this will be one of them

This game is one of the first games I started following (244 days ago today) and it's still one of my favorites adult VN. Any ide if and when next update will be?

Any ide when next uptate will be released?

So I opened the game again and played up until where I was last time, this time the text box didn't disapear. So yeah, now you know atleast that it can happen

Oh, you meant that kinda version. You was actually clear enough about that, It's just me who haven't slept for like 2 nights so my brain is more or less shut down on me.

Well, it's the windows version and I don't know how long the text bos was gone for. I just continued klicking until the background changed back from the kitchen to the bedroom.

I downloaded the game yesturday, so it should be the newest version. And as far as i can remember nothing happened before. as to if it was supposed to happen or not, it was shortle after MC tested if he was awake or not in the kitchen. 

"It's a contract that allows wealthy patrons from faraway lands to purchase people from our contry"

I guess "Faraway lands" is a subjective matter since the MC is running around town and buying contracts :P

I played this games when it first came out amd went under a differend name, and I must say that I really like the new (atleast I think it's new) back ground graphics

The text window disapered for me and when I was klicking it was like the game continiued like nothing was wrong

Nice :D

And what about that quit button?
BTW, I have to say that I really enjoy this game. I did it last time I played it and I still do.

Plz add a "Are you sure you want to quit" button. I don't know how many times I've accidently rightklicked and without thinking klicked quit because I saw the Quit button as a quit the meny thing.

Also I tried this game maybe 2,5 years ago. While I clearly notices that the game's been updated i various ways the main story is still at the same point it was first time I played it. When will the story go on?

It's a real shame about the English in this game, I'd really like to play it further but I just loose interest becouse of the English. Can't  you hire someone to help you translate or something?