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It is so well polished. I like it

Its a great game

hey brother I've been offline since a week and when  I come back on my phone what I saw is spam messages through my account I don't know what happened .So sorry brother 

it has quicker with time system but it is slow . By the way thanks .

thanks brother for helping and sorry for inconvenience.

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Done brother.

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Thanks for your kind words , I appreciate it. Have a nice day. and don't forget rating the game .thanks

just download 7zip or winrar software in your pc to open it up. Thanks for asking 🙂

Done, brother thanks for noticing .👍 

Thanks for feedback brother , appreciate your suggestion. 

very well use of theme brother keep it up.

Great work man.

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I like this brother, I complete all the levels .

Great game and love your art.

I got goosebumps bro at first and yeah this is some scary gameplay brother, nice work.

Love your art and sound . Nice work 

it is hard but yet i played it for 20 minutes straight.

I like your game very brother simply challenging.

Thanks for your feedback brother .

Actually i want to but i dont have much time so. yeah, by the way thanks for playing.

yeah that would be cool mate.

this is small and addictive experience

i love it mate. keep making

and i like this line "2020 will be a piece of cake" :)

bro i really enjoy it.

wow bro great game , it is fun yet challenging , Well done brother

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i feel like i am playing it on ps1 (with smooth controls) , Great game bro,

I  enjoy it

thanks brother hope you have a good time.thanks for feedback it means a lot .


Good game brother, feels like ps1 back to 90s . great 

congrats bro you did a great job


i really enjoy playing it


well done bro