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Yes, the money counter at the top is supposed to move up whenever you click the button “Go shout on the street”. Does that not happen for you?
The other options should unlock later on and will make the counter move up on it’s own.

There is indeed only one ending. I’m pretty sure it triggers at a set amount of potions brewed, but that should be so high that you need most upgrades to get it in a reasonable amount of time (I guess there’s some you could skip if you wanted to). Anyway, thanks for playing and thanks for leaving some feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!
Yes, the autobrewer interval is the time between two automatic stirs/clicks, which is why it brews faster for lower numbers.

Thanks for the nice comments!
I realized the main menu button might be somewhat confusing which is why I tried to move it down more. But in the end you only lose a couple of seconds of your time by missclicking since I forced the game to save whenever you click that button, so I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal…

Hi, there's a bug in the export tool for mac applications that I've used. I've filed a bug report with them so I hope this gets resolved soon. Unfortunately there is also a bug in the latest version of Firefox for macOS because of which the game also doesn't work there. It does work in the latest version of Chrome for mac though (60.0), if you happen to have that browser installed.

The Stonemont Chronicles' main inspiration is Reigns, but it does have some influences from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. It also contains some references to HP Lovecraft's work :)