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thanks! I'm working on it. 

Thank youu!! 

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I'm continuing work on the game and I've added the speed upgrade to the game. You can follow the development on my channel

Thank you glad to hear you liked it! 

hey can you check out

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the game, There will be speed upgrades once I get to update the game I'm just waiting for the Game Jam to end. The second drill upgrade allows you to drill the Sapphire (dark blue ore) and Ruby (dark red ore) ores which you can't with just the second level of the drill you need the third. I might be adding elevators cause the depth will become much bigger later on. Thank you for playing and leaving a comment it means a lot to me! 

Glad you enjoyed the game! It was inspired a little by motherload I just forgot the name of that game. 

Yup balancing is necessary. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Everybody seems to like the ore generation system although when I made it I didn't think much of it, I was just glad I finished the generation and that it worked without flaws. There's so much I planed on adding and will probably add in the next update for example needing some ores for some upgrades and then the shop won't just sell all your ores but only one you choose and how much of those ores. I think it will benefit gameplay and game time. The controls are already fixed I'm just waiting for the game jam to end so that I can update the game. Thank you for taking your time to play and review my game! 

The fire is impossible to get to until you go to it the first or second loop, the music will play multiple times if you restart. Other then that it was a good game just would've loved if when you restart there would be more tasks and you get 5 tasks at random. And I somehow broke the textbox in the top left as well.

I love the look and the sounds of the game but I got stuck in a menu and didn't know what to do. A little hard to understand even with the help menu.

Glad you enjoyed the game. I wanted to add a bunch more stuff but I knew that if I started I wouldn't stop. I'm hoping to continue working on the game after the jam is over!

Thank you! 

Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game so much! 

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game! 

I feared that the game would be too hard if I didn't give more fuel at the beginning. The reason the shop and garage are so far apart is when you have little fuel left you need to  choose to go to the shop or to the garage you might not be able to go to both. 

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I'll try your game as soon as I get the time.

I'm working on the new update in which I fixed the difficulty and made it a lot easier. Thank you for the feedback I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for the feedback, I'll make sure to think about adding multiplayer! I'll check your submission out as soon as I can! 

Ooh I forgot about holine miami, loved that game but forgot about it. I am fixing all bugs and adding a few other things in the next update. You can watch me on my twitch working (zeathuss). Thank you for the feedback it's greatly appreciated! 

Yea sadly I didn't have the time to fix the enemies, it will be fixed in the next update. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thank your for your feedback! 

I didn't have time to fix the enemies sadly. I didn't think the gun shot would be a problem since it seemed fine to me but I'll try to fix it. Your feedback was very useful and I'll check out your submission when I have time! 

I'll definitely think about it. I remember working on the particle effects and I was so happy when it worked. Thank you for the feedback I'll be working on the new update soon! 

Glad to hear that you liked the game. The enemies glitching was a known issue but I didn't have time to fix it. I'll fix it in newer versions! Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! If you know of any bugs it would help out if you could share them with us so we can fix them asap! Have a great day. 

Yea windows defender is blocking the game cause of it's way of detecting "viruses". I'm definitely gonna fix that in the next update! Thank you for trying have a great rest of the day!

Thank you for the response. To be honest I completely forgot to add a "tutorial" cause I didn't have much time by the end of the jam. I will definitely work on adding it into the release version! Thank you and I hope you have a great rest of the day! 

This is a Mini Jam 72 submission but I will update it after the jam has ended and probably add multiplayer. Me and my artist have worked hard so if you could at least test it out it would be greatly appreciated!

btw if you die you can still control the changing of the player so if you were on the same x and you were just the right height to shoot the other guy you can still win just by shooting him until he dies... major bug

Loved the game, thought there was a glitch when the 2 balls spawned. Definitely should make it a little bit easier. Other then that it's awesome!

On the first turbine level you can glitch yourself into the door. Making it really easy. The sound is really quiet maybe adding subtitles would be smart. Listing the controls somewhere would also be smart. Great game overall (as always).

Loved the game, sad that it's not as popular as it should be!

I love the game the effects are awesome!

Cool game but you can get stuck in the brown platforms...

Hey, so I see you're asking for a team. The United Game Jam has a discord server with over 924 members. It also has a channel specially for teaming up with someone. So if you would like to join the UGJ discord server here's the link.