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Ah, so you align the pivot point with the axes centers.

From the prev. image it looked as if the gizmo was aligned with the object's desired pivot...

I get it now, THANKS for your time!

Glad the OBJ was good for something.. ;-)

So, how do you place the gizmo manually? 

This is what I get with the same model you recently downloaded:

Hmm, this is weird, how the heck did you get the gizmo centered on the turret?

On the original I used, I get this (see above img), at the end of the barrel, so the rotations "twirl" the turret around the end of the barrel, not the turret center. Is there a way to reposition that Gizmo to the turret center?


It was long gone, so I uploaded another one.

Let me know if you could get this one...

Hi, any progress on that?

Here's an example of why being able to position the gizmo would work wonders for autorotation export.

If I could position the gizmo at the rotation point of the object that I want it to be, autorotate could do the rest. Right now that's a pain to do with animation, especially since I want 16 positions (of a 360 rotation).

Attached the object I am trying to rotate. (The turret needs to be stably rotating arround it's center point, right now the gizmo is a the end of the barrel and can't be adjusted to where I want it)

Click link to get file...


Yeah that would work.

For auto-rotation, all we need is the positioning gizmo to define where the rotation point on the object is.

makes sense...

It also would be cool to be able to position the center of rotation of an object or group manually.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, have great Christmas!




Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you!

Is it possible to export with rotation about an axis other then the y-axis?

If not, it would be cool as a future feature to have  an export where one could rotate about one, two, or three axis's, or any combination thereof (via check boxes maybe?).

Thanx for this great program, it is coming along wonderfully...

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it seems to crash every time when starting a New Project from within a project being worked on...

This is going to be a marvelous progyy when it's done! Can't wait to see where this is all going, so far so good!


maybe I am doing something wrong, but when exporting a 3 object to 8 rotations, the generated images are "off center".

Is there a way to set the origin, or the move/scale/rotate gizmo to the center of the object, so it rotates about it?


The inmates are running the asylum now...  ;-)