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things happen. ^^ I was just curious as to if this was active or not, was all.

Go at your own speed, this is your game ^^

do we get to be a werewolf?

the hitboxes are horrible. you can die even when lunging a melee enemy.

you should definitely make the lunge mechanic even more core to the game, as it is what makes this unique, and word things differently as I keep thinking I have to wait for the bite to be done to run.

did you release the next patch? that comment from the questioner was from a year ago.

so are we a rat in the game also?

how do we level up? I am interested in what we gain if we do so.

It is fine if that does not become a thing. I was just curious. I just saw how time flies by in millions of years, but now I realize how that might be toned down in the future.

I know it says human history, but with how the game is expanding, would there ever be other species or at least radically different groups of humans? Like how neanderthals and homo sapiens are a technically both humans?

Or would there be a genetic drift map/slider, or the same for language and culture?