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This was so sweet! I've never had a dog but I've always wanted one. I've recently been a little stressed out but this helped me to relax. My grandfather also passed away yesterday and this reminded me of him. :)

This was so fun! Sadly steam doesn't work on my Chromebook so I can't get the full version :(  But the demo was really great!

Warning: This review briefly talks about later parts of the story

I did multiple run-throughs of this because I love the story so much before going back to the point where you're dancing with Prescott and than going through EVERY DIALOGUE OPTION because I love the relationship so much. There were a lot of dialogue options. I respect that.

Yes I got married! Three endings achieved. I don't know if there's more but I got the normal one, than the bad one, than the good one.

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I NEED THIS RELATIONSHIP. Also, Both Big Hero Six AND Splatoon 2? I love BOTH of those things! (Sorry if I'm using all caps on too many words, I just really like this)

Heck yeah

Poor Giselle :(  How terrible of a person is my character? I've played this about 5 times now so I don't think I've gotten quite all the endings but I'll continue to play it until I think I have

The controls are WASD, did you try  clicking on the game's screen or zooming in first?

Wait this is from 2017? I would have guessed like mid 2020. Very fun Krum Frog game.

Yay I threw a good party and didn't completely blow it! Woo!

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Min taught me how to say I love you and said that it meant hi I can't this game is awesome wdhishdeuwijs   I'm not very far in and it's only my first time playing but I've seen this game recommended a few times and it's already pretty nice!

Edit: Ok so I finished the game and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My first impressions were right. It the cutest and greatest thing.

So sweet! Was very sad at first, but such a happy ending. I hope we eventually call the vet! I once had a pet die because it refused to eat.

Very cute and fun game! However, I'm unable to see the prices of the small tables? I want to know how much I need to save in order to get them. Other than that no complaints. 9/10.

Beautiful game. I think it might be a problem that I kind of relate to this. Also on the 2nd day it took me like 5 tries to get dressed😭 why was that so harrrrd

thanks :-)

Merry Christmas!

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I'm not crying tears of joy because this game is so sweet, you are! I don't think this is the cutest freaking game ever, and I didn't rate it 5 stars!   ... I'm not sad that i'm 3 years late and could have played it even sooner! I also didn't add it to my collection.

Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.

I play this game very often because it's just so calming and relaxing! Enjoy booting it up after a long day and just listening to the music.

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It's strange yet fun to give a person a face! Everybody looks amazing no matter what somehow, i'm jealous.

Very nice game! Ended up leaving not thirsty, rich, and unhappy. Very calming and nice to play if you have 5 minutes.

I lasted 9 days the first time, 7 the second. Pretty difficult to balance everybody's interests and to remember if the rest of your deck was full of passion or soul, but I enjoy a challenge. Solid game! 9/10.

Really fun, but i'm stuck at the part where the skater kid needs something to pick the lock with.

You played hi no homo too? I don't know why but I love games about awkward encounters 😅

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When the dating master first said they were the dm the first thing that came to my head was dungeon master even though I knew perfectly well this was a dating game. Also a female president teddy bear dating me was the most adorable and wholesome thing ever. I love it.

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First thing I said was nothing. Than I You. Than I like you hate. Than I hate, and so on. Why can't I just tell a girl I like herrrrrrr???


Edit 2: Nooooo your bento isn't grosssss

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I had a lot of fun playing this game! Level 2 was a 'lil tough, but I beat it eventually. Would recommend.

Played this a while ago and didn't quite understand what to do. Came back today and made her a greasy golden brown! Would have loved a more in-depth description at the start, but still an overall great game!

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Found this game while looking through different tags. Got the ending where you lose Sadie and aren't satisfied with your care. Nice game. I may have absolutely no idea what Rae is going through, unlike most of the people in the comments, but all I want to see is her feeling better.

Edit: Got the good ending! Really happy to see Rae happy.

'Yall tell me why this is so frikin cute

I played this game like months ago and i'm back to make a stairway to heaven with "5" waffles

Both endings gotten, enjoyed it very much. Nice short little game.

Nice game. Has some sort of creepy charm to it, would recommend.

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I've tried to beat this game multiple times now, but I always get stuck at the point were I have Gefforey sitting by the sink, and if I have him climb up he runs back to the bathroom. Amazing game, but i'm totally stuck - . -    

 Edit: Nevermind I got it. Amazing game and I am not totally stuck

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This is a really great game and I had so much fun playing it! I love how based off of your choices the character traits change. It's so charming and relaxing, I spent hours on end playing it through and the storyline is amazing! I'm head over heels for Xelara ❤️

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Played this a while ago and got decently far in. Came back today and it's still just as amazing.       Oh wow my old comment's further up in the comment section then I would have guessed 0-0


This was such a cute and sweet game! Grandma was charming. Only problem is I wish I could spend more time with her! And let's face it, that's not really a problem at all. I rate it 10 happy trees out of 10.

Everybody's talking about how it was hard to beat it and she didn't like them... but I got that ending 1st try while not even trying that hard soooooooo i'll take that as a win.

There are a lot of games on that get a lot of attention and love, this is not one of them. It needs more looooove!!! It's too great to be ignored!