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Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed the game. :) 
Impressive score by the way! You beat my personal best of 8.04s, haha.

What purpose is there for both players to have three colors each?  Would the game not have played the same, but with less memorization needed, if both players shared the same three colors?

Fun game, looks good as well. Having two of the health indicator so that you can always see it even with half the screen covered was a nice touch!

The tank controls are a bit annoying though, and I think the turning sensitivity is cranked wayy too high up. The zombie sounds are nice but maybe make them not just loop with little to no cooldown, and since there's multiple zombies maybe make the sounds just play in sync. And is there a way to win?

The exploding red barrels does not seem to hurt the zombies nor the player, which is a bit weird. Barrels that have fallen over also does not seem to be shootable, and for barrels that have exploded and fallen over the smoke still comes out of the top even though it's burning in the middle hehe.

Good work though! I liked the game and the mechanic was creative. :)

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A great twist on the classic block pushing puzzle games. Great level design which made this game surprisingly hard, but oh so satisfying to beat! Loved the game, keep up the good work. :)

I like the artstyle, but for the levels with a lot of bricks it looks very repetitive as the brick graphics aren't connected.