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Hey, thanks! I am working on the wiki page right now, although it's far from done, but you can find more lore on it -
Regarding your issue, if your screen resolution is 1920x1080 then you should have a fine text size if you move that slider to 2. I did think about making some custom graphics but that has its own shortcomings unfortunately.

Thanks for the heads up, I've updated the file. Is it working now? Also can you please check if it still works by simply downloading the file?

Damn it, you're not the only one who had the music loop problem, and I have no idea what may cause it or how to fix it. Trust me, I racked my brain along with some of the testers and nothing seemed to work. :s

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Let's see if you can figure it out  in 1.1.0, I made few changes that should better guide players to getting it.  :^)

Will do, thanks for the heads up!

Oh wow, just as I released 1.1.0. Can't wait for any video about it, make sure to share it here too!

Hedon community · Created a new topic Hedon is released!

1.0.0 baby.  About friggin' time. 

I'll be waiting for feedback and impressions! If you have any issue feel free to reply here or send it at

Have fun!