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Yeah, thanks for your comment, we are working on improvement and that helps us. The micro can help for two stuff (except boss fight) one a little move trick, if you micro yourself in front of a big foe and un micro right after you will have a burst of DPS, secondly you have the asteroid we removed them from stage 1 but they are the main threat in stage 2. The problem is as you saw it the hitbox, we did have some issue after the build. The enemy and player have larger hitbox than we were having in Unity. It seems that Polygon 2D hitbox has some issue. We plan to change most hitbox for more simpler one and smaller (especially for the player ^^). We plan also to reduce the "light-speed fast bullet", they are more dangerous than the boss bullet XD. Lastly, we will increase the speed of the player bullet but well all this improvement haven't been done in time for the submission of the game jam (they are coming ^^).