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Incredible ! I think you should add a “Tutorial” UI but still, amazing job!

Thanks man! In only 3days, we know there is a lot of things to solve but we’re happy with the result :D

Switch to azerty? :( There is a how to play in the itchio page

Thanks a lot !

Amazing ! :D

nice work !

It is your first one ? Damn you are really good ! nice job !

Amaziiing !

Really cute! Good job !

Incredible !

Beautiful… Thanks for sharing it for free. Good job dude ! <3

Nice work, I’m so hyped ! I’m going to make a game with your assets soon ! :D

nice job!


huuuge ! Good job mate

La DA est folle !!! Bravo ! :D

Thats what we need !!! Please continue making backgrounds :D

Pretty cool ! A bit too hard though :)

Thanks !! <3

It was sooo intense ! Everything was perfect, incredible job. 5stars !

Sure ! I found some jumps tricky and the projectiles from the ennemies a bit too large. Moreover, sometimes our character gets stuck with the ennemies and it’s pretty hard to find a way out.

Again, you made a really good game in 3 days, that’s huge and it was just a few negative points that I felt while playing but it kept me entertained and I really enjoyed your game :)

Nice! Thanks for playing :D

Yo !! Really fun ! Good job ! I really like it !

Super cool ! Bravo à vous pour la réalisation du concept !

Really cool idea! Nice design too ! I just thought it was veryy hard but it’s fine, good job overall !

Nice job!! Super cute and a really cool concept. Wasn’t sure for the chaos limitation though

Really good job !

Nice game! Funny and a good concept, good job!

Nice game! Funny and a good concept, good job!

Incredible. I really enjoyed it, good job !! I lived 3mins ;)

Cool idea !

Cool idea !

Merci beaucoup Cléo ! J’ai hâte de tester votre jeu ;)

Really glad you liked it ! Ohh yeah ! It would have been fun to see the comparaison! I keep the idea, thanks !

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I definitely agree ! I have also a personnal thing that I do to make sure I’m proud of my gamejam ! I try to do something different from almost all my projects everytime and for this one, I decided to try to make a game which is not a platformer !

I would recommand you to do the same thing, it is a real pleasure to do something new :D I hope I will see you on other jams!!

Really happy to hear that ! Thanks man ! And go for it ! A good page changes everything ! :D

I didn’t think of keeping the same controls but changing their effect. That’s a great idea !! The concept would be funnier I guess. I might work on it after the end of the jam. Thanks for playing !

yeaah well I just took everytime the 3 hearts, just running through ennemies. By just taking every time an upgrade or choosing bigger/faster ennemies if I had to choose between 3 disavantadges, I managed to survive a long time !! :D

oh and spikes which don’t do damage, that’s so usefull ! :P

Really fun !!! I didn’t finish, 4 attempts with a score of 29 lol ! But good job! It fits perfectly the chaos theme!

Really liked what you did with the background of the game & the itchio page. Good job!