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Nice !

Hi! Is the project dead? :’(

I prefer the format you are using in itch :)

Hi! Is it possible to have these packs on your We cant see many animations on your boosty page.


Really nice game!

Nice one!!

Really happy to see your comment! Live and Evil will always be one of my favourite project :D


Mais nan, tu as aimé ?! Trop content d’avoir un joueur! :D

The dark series are definitely your best one!

Awesome work, for real!

Grave stylé !! Je dirais juste qu’il faudrait que la recharge du couteau revienne un poil plus vite mais c’était top! Le dash rend vraiment bien le côté ninja et il est très agréable

Je me demandais comment vous alliez gérer le côté Stealth + Combat! C’était une bonne idée! Je dirais juste que le chat ninja va trop vite, on a l’impression qu’on a rentrer un cheat code ;)

Grave stylé !

Super cool !! Marche très bien au niveau des thèmes également ! GG Totema studio !

Supeeer stylé! Ca m’a beaucoup rappelé Prophunt, GG

Incroyable ! Aucune idée de comment vous avez pu faire autant en 2jours! Petit bémol quand même, même si on peut appuyer sur échap pour s’en sortir, lorsqu’on se fait attraper, on doit reprendre tout le jeu. Ca reste une maaasterclass ! gg les gars

Sorry, the code is not public. Have a nice day

You can download the game and you can play it on this website, you just need a computer :) Does this answer your question?

Yeaah, so true !

NICE !!! Beautiful man !

Incredible ! I think you should add a “Tutorial” UI but still, amazing job!

Thanks man! In only 3days, we know there is a lot of things to solve but we’re happy with the result :D

Switch to azerty? :( There is a how to play in the itchio page

Thanks a lot !

Amazing ! :D

nice work !

It is your first one ? Damn you are really good ! nice job !

Amaziiing !

Really cute! Good job !

Incredible !

Beautiful… Thanks for sharing it for free. Good job dude ! <3

Nice work, I’m so hyped ! I’m going to make a game with your assets soon ! :D

nice job!


huuuge ! Good job mate

La DA est folle !!! Bravo ! :D

Thats what we need !!! Please continue making backgrounds :D