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It makes me think of the first town in Valkyrie Profile 2 <3

I was JUST telling a friend the other day that I wished you would make more 'items'! <3

do you happen to have anything with a 'subway' or modern rail system in it?

oh boo. I have MZ  but I’m not quite done with MV yet. Still awesome!

is this for MV or  MZ?

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These are AMAZING!!

But with this release being MZ-compatible only, does this mean that you won't be making MV-style animations anymore? :(

I love it! It’s like the ‘ranged’ pack!! I hope the next one is ‘modern’ or futuristic!

These are amazing! I'm thinking of using these for my next project!

I just DIED I’m so excited to use this!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Do the windmill blades have a rotational animation? If not, I’m READY to make my own! Haha

I'm extremely confused on how to use this. You 'provided a "demo" but there's not an actual demo in the .rar file, it's just an img folder and the plugin itself...

This seems intriguing but I'm frustrated so I'm probably going to end up passing on this, sadly.

can't load the image for 'spark' if you get into a battle...

what is the native tile size for this set?

I did set it up that way but the enemy doesn't 'switch' and start moving toward the player. It still just stays stationary.

How do I utilize this to have the event 'catch' the player by event touch and then initiate a battle.

OMG!? This is this perfect for a future project I'm currently planning!


And I just checked-it crashed because I tried to export the nonexistent SV battler. The other two export just fine. Thanks for the quick replies!

So I’m not at my computer currently but. Can I not just select a body type for the ‘body’ selection in layers?

and it said it failed to export and closed itself

I installed the creator without any issues but it only gives me the male body as an option (nothing else shows up) as well as not showing the SV of the character in creation. It also crashes when I attempt my to export.