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Hey everyone, best to check around the beginning of the month for community copies, as thats when i add those funded by Ko-fi members

Hey there, yes - as well as individual copies added via itch sales, I am now also adding copies each month based on certain Ko-fi membership tiers, so there are a few coming in every so often!

I am indeed looking at setting up a system like this!

I haven't figured out exactly how or when, but yes, after a while the ko-fi exclusive content will be collected/reworked into a separate release.

Yep, The River Kingdom will be July's release, then it's on to new stuff.

I have added a handful of Community Copies to the pool, I hope they help for those who need it!

Hi there, yes this is the latest version produced alongside the Kickstarter. Cheers!

Woah, that's super cool! Great to see the Animon Creator's League getting some use!

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm delighted to hear you're enjoying the game!

Right you are! Thanks for letting me know, and so glad to hear you like the game. Cheers!

Hey there, yes, there are new community copies added fairly regularly, I'd keep an eye out.

In the meantime, you can download the free playkit if you want to get a feel for the game.

Hey there, making solo rules isn't currently something I'm working on, though I won't rule out the possibility for the future.

I did recently hear about a game engine called Radiance that claims to make any game playable solo - might be worth checking out!

Hi there, so sorry for the delay in responding. All pre-orders via Backerkit should provide both the PDF and the physical copy. Then once the full release has happened, orders of both will be available from Metal Weave Games directly.

Oh dear, yes I see what you mean! That is an error, I'll have to do another update to fix that. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi there, the elemental triangles haven't been changed. So it's still: Light > Dark > Mirage > Light

Hi there, no that is indeed a minor error that slipped through editing. It will be fixed, and the files updated, before the files are sent for printing.

Someone already answered, but yes, if you head over to Backerkit you can now pre-order the physical edition:

Yep that's right. You can see all the changes in the recent devlog I posted (link at the bottom of the store page)

Hi there, the game will be going back on sale very soon! Community copies are added fairly often, yes.

Hi there. A backerkit page will soon be available, which will allow late pledges!

Hi there,

There are a few reasons I decided to take the old version down. The main ones are:

- rules tweaks and changes are being made, so if new players got the old book they'd already be playing an outdated version of the game and have to switch once the new version is available

- some of the original illustrations could not be used in the newly published version, so are being replaced

I do apologise for the delay, but the new version should be dropping within a couple of weeks, so there's not long to wait

Hi there,

Dark Evolutions are supported in the rules, yes! They are a suggested possibility for the mechanic called the 'Bond Break Episode,' which is something that happens with the Kid and Animon partner have a breakdown of communication and fall out in some way. Hope that helps!

Hi there, the final release version (coming end of July hopefully) will include several 'optional rules modules' for folks who want to play around with the core elements of the game. Fusion Evolution is one of those optional rules!

Hi there, I am currently working on making all the updates and additions. The digital version should be available in its new form towards the end of July hopefully!

Hi there, the physical copies are expected to fulfil around December this year. Cheers!

Hi there, this will all be part of the Kickstarter details, but yes we should be shipping worldwide. Thanks!

Hi there, when you buy the digital copy you'll get access to the files in your itch library - you should be able to download them as many times as you like on different devices!

Nothing set in stone yet, but I expect there will be a lower PDF only tier, then a standard physical edition tier costed at an appropriate level.

Hi there,

The Kickstarter is specifically to fund the physical printed copy of the game, so that's the main difference. There may also be various updates made to the game before it is printed, and any updates made will also be applied to the itch files. So wherever you buy, you'll always have the latest version of the game.

Hi there, so glad you like the book!

So glad to hear you like it!

Hi there, as another buyer added a community copy specifically for you, you can get in touch with me at and I'll send you the copy!

That is very kind, thank you! I will get in touch directly to make sure it does!

Hi there, community copies are added fairly regularly so check back and you may be able to grab one!

Hi there, yes ultimately Animon Story commits to one monster partner for the benefit of developing the kid-monster bond and how that ties into the narrative. If you wanted to introduce multiple monster companions in this game, I think the easiest way to do it would be still having one at a time, and switching that one around, rather than having a team of them.

Hello, thank you for that. I will make an adjustment for an updated version!

Hi there, so glad you like the look of the game - free community copies get added sometimes, so maybe check back occasionally to see if there are any available!

Hi there, so glad you like the game! Yes indeed, plans for a physical version have moved forward, and it's now confirmed that a physical version will be kickstarted next year. You can check out a bit more on this news on the animon story blog here:


That's so cool! Thanks for letting me know, glad you're enjoying it!

I would say the ideal group would be 1 GM and 3-5 players, but stretching a little beyond that in either direction wouldn't be a problem.

Even during Combat Encounters, the only part of the game broken down into 'turns,' things move quite quickly as the combat scenes are designed to be more narrative and less crunchy/tactical.

Definitely plans! Looking at various options at the moment.