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Hey you put this in the wrong category, as this isn't a game, just an image pack

the graphics don't fit onto the screen no matter what size it is, their always going off it andit's visually weird, hope you can manage to fix the issue

can you say the order of the glyphs then? as i don't have a clue

holy shit the updates for this are coming out like hotcakes, will we get another one in a few days

Will there be a harem ending? Cause as a game all about bimbofying the gals it would make sense for there to be one

is this really the final version?

Any scenes yet where your the pred?

does the game have a time limit?

how do you equip items in your inventory?

is there any way to get a scene withthe brothel owner?

also why put a 10 doller price tag for a game that has less content then some 1 doller phone games?

There is barely any content, you can breeze right through everything in less then a hour

k, glad to know it's being delt with, was only bringing it up cause it seemed odd, still love the game and hope to see how it progress's

hey i found a bug, it appears you can acidentally acess the gym scene early, as i was starting a fresh save and somehow got an event with the aunt before even meeting her

can you eat the cow girls?

ah, well that is fitting, was just wondering was all

hey sense the dragon balls can grant any wish, will there be any mechanics with wishing for certain things. like wishing for the girls to be bigger?


i think this could use a better indicater on where to massage in order to get the most out of your lotions, as at the moment it's hard to tell if you hit the sweet spot or not, maybe add something like a heart pop or something?

how is this in the erotic category?

how is this EROTIC?

i can help with the sundrop flower, you need to first help hook, after that you'll find out you need to beat hook in a drinking challange in order to get him to bring you one

i'm missing one scene with cinderella, i don't know what i am missing

though now i wonder where i get lina to see me doing naughty deeds 4 times, cause it's not really clear

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that's the thing, how do you get to that downstairs scene? because theres no option for that in the game

i did the porn thing but i never got to the DATE part, for some reason it never appeared for me

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yes i have tryed panties, didn't work, you are talking about the scene where she puts the panties on in bed right?

how do you not screw up corruption 2 part 2? i can't seem to figure it out

my phone is a lg g7 one, and when i try and click the file i download from chrome via the phone, it says "file can't be opened"

Can't open the APK on my phone, what do I do?

why not give the player the ability to effect certain individuals in order to change their assets, like say giving them the power to make a girl's rear end larger or even make them taller in general, most games i see only have growth or shrinking happen due to corruption in general, so having the ability to control when it happens would be a new detail that would help it stand out from the rest

hey can i ask why the models have no defining features other then their body shapes? i feel like it's a missed opertunity to give a few differences for the fact theres a gender select

hey is there any guide to each girl and their requirements, i want to know the exact so that way i can clear the game with little issue

Ok that's a bit of a misconception, he isn't abandoning the project, and he's not making new models, he's updating them

ah, still glad the time limit is being removed, still i know about the j button, still hope the coding goes well

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what the heck is with the time limit? i'd have loved to play the game father then the begining but now i don't know what to do, given the fact there isn't any guide for the game, and so LITTLE, you'd have to fuck a girl per day due to how little time is given, and unfortunetly with how little time you have that doesn't seem possible, ESPECIALLY with how most porn games like this would rather not have such a short amount of time, a year of in game time would have been a much better limit for 30 women


what is the deluxe part?

ruth is still hard as balls even with no major modfyers, can never seem to get the rythem for her part down right, also why is the timing for it feel so wonky?