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Oh weird, works now lol. Maybe I wasn't holding down the button long enough. Thanks!

What are the controls? I can't get the little guy to move!

woohoo, 74!

Cute little game :)

That was super fun actually! Pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but it was pretty hectic the first few nights haha. Great times!

Hey, this is pretty fun! I like the look, simple casual game.

One suggestion I have is to start it a little faster -- it's, what, 10-15 seconds before you even have to touch the controls? No need for all that wait time, we can start a little faster/a little closer to the first island, imo.

That said, fun times :)

Loved this! Super well done, very creepy atmosphere. Glad we never got to see the baddie...

Cute little game!! The art is quite good, especially given the constraints, and it communicated its mechanic well with the exclamation points. Well done!

Ha! What a fun game! A lot of "a ha" moments when I died... and it made things easier.

Woah..... so the artwork and music play beautifully together. This is an awesome little demo! Looking forward to more! Interested to see how the items play into it

Cute game :)

Wow! Cute game :D

I love the stone abilities that you get as you play! Really cool concept! I'd prefer a little more info on the background of the trial-givers, because some of the answers seemed arbitrary, but overall nicely done!

What a fun little game! I loved how it looked, and I'm psyched that I got all the seaweed and got outta there :)

I also completed my first game during this jam! Congrats to the both of us!!

That's awesome! Yeah I'd concentrate most on the circle and rectangle enemies, those are far harder to differentiate :) Great job!

Thanks!! I appreciate it! :)

Yeah, the higher the contrast the better, honestly (to an extent, of course; don't totally blow out your aesthetic, but yeah). Shapes are huge though, that helps a ton!

Love the sound effects (especially the duck)!

One note, I wasn't able to switch weapons, so I had to make my way with the revolver... but I still made it pretty far :) I tested with numpad, the numbers at the top of my keyboard, and tried with numlock on and off, and nothing worked, unfortunately.

Fun times though! Good job!

What an adorable game! I had an AWESOME time rolling around and picking up progressively bigger things. I started laughing pretty hard when I got to the surfboards...

Also loved the music! Reminded me of Mariya Takeuchi's "Plastic Love". Which I adore. :)

I wish I had a critique, but I really don't....

Well done!

Thanks so much for the compliments and critiques!! I'll definitely make the text brighter/more readable. Cheers, thanks again!

I love the look and sound of this game. The visuals and audio are really well put together :)