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Played your game in today's 3 random horror games video and firstly I have to say I loved the PS1 style to the game, especially since I'm someone that never played a PS1 game before this was the closest I'll ever get so thanks for that, however the monster was quite lame but at least it made me laugh lmao, the way it crawled on the floor was too funny! Anyway, I enjoyed it so nice job! :) 

Played your game in today's 3 random horror games video and OMG I loved it so much, honestly this was one of the scariest horror games I played in such a long time. Everything about it was terrifying. I liked how you only had your camera as your light source and taking pictures was the only way you could see, that was a neat idea. And all the creepy sounds you would hear around the room like shit, it was so unnerving! 

I played your game in today's video of 3 random horror games and I gotta say, it was better than I expected! I'll be looking out for the full release because even it just being a demo, it was still well done and quite creepy. I especially loved the ghost girl in the hallway and how you turned the light off she disappeared, then got closer when you turned it back on. That was amazing!

Just uploaded a video on your game with my friend and we loved it. The atmospheric was on point and certainly made the game so good, so nice work on that! And I also loved how you focused more on the atmosphere to scare us rather than relying on jumpscares. Too many games throw jumpscares in your face so I respect what you did with it. :)

Just uploaded a video on your game You Left Me with one of my friends and we really enjoyed it! Wasn't exactly what we were expecting but, that's a good thing because it surprised me and ended up being better than I thought. I definitely could relate to the game with the whole loneliness and loss thing since I've experienced that myself. Just played the apha demo for your game in my 3 random horror games in one video. It's the last game in the video and I loved this a lot, I really liked the concept and the design and having the player being on edge from the atmosphere was a nice touch instead of jumpscares so I appreciated that a lot! :D Played your game part of my 3 random horror games in one it was the first game I played in the video and I gotta say even though it was short I really liked it. I never been a fan of survive the night games but, this was the first I played that I actually really enjoyed so well done and I'm so excited for the full game because I definitely want to see more! :) Hey Dave I made a video today on your game and I defintly think this was one of your more difficult games that's for sure, because I did have some trouble. In fact I wasn't able to beat it the flying Dutchman wouldn't stop chasing me, but regardless I still had a lot of fun and a good time with this game so good job man, keep up the good work! :D Hey, I played your game in my video from today and I loved it! Even though, it was very short I liked it a lot. The VHS style was very cool, whenever I play horror games with that style I just find it really cool and interesting. I really hope though, there will be more to this game in the future because I want more! :)

I loved this visual novel so much, me being a huge life is strange fan when I found this I was so damn happy! I just finished uploading my LP for the game I went down the Chloe route because Chloe is my favorite and I always shipped Max and Chloe together they would just be such a cute couple. For real though this was an amazing game thanks so much for making it, I had a lot of fun! :D Just uploaded a video on your game, me and my friend had a lot of fun with it. We got pretty confused on what we were meant to be doing but, regardless it was a fun experience! I did a LP on your game The Doll Shop and wow, I really enjoyed it a lot! It was very interesting, and the visuals looked incredible and I love how there was multiple different endings although I think I got the bad ending haha, thanks for creating such a wonderful game! :) 

Played your game in my 3 Random Horror games video today and I loved it haha, wasn't expecting it to be that short but wow that ending was hilarious! 

Played your game in my 3 Random horror games video today and well, i'll admit if anything I was more frustrated then anything else. It did scare me somewhat so good job on that, it's very hard to scare me and I did have fun with the game even though once I got to Night 3 it was getting pretty difficult. 

You're welcome :) Oh nice, that's cool looking forward to it!

Just uploaded my Halloween special video and I played your game for it and I honestly really enjoyed it, this game was amazing even though it was really short! :) 

Uploaded a video on your game just now! Unfortunately, I didn't like it. I rarely saw Tenome, and couldn't find the key to get out of there so sadly wasn't able to beat the game. The monster design was cool but, other than that wasn't really a fan of it. 

Uploaded a video on your game and I absolutely loved it! I loved how it was a horror game but, also a story driven game at the same time my favorite kind of horror games are the ones with an interesting story. :) 

Made a video on your game and I honestly enjoyed it up until the end that ruined it for me, with the cheap and pointless jump scares. But other than that the rest of the game was good. 

Uploaded a video on your game, it wasn't scary or anything personally I thought it was pretty bad but, I did however find it to be quite funny so I did end up enjoying it because of that. 

Uploaded a video on your game just now & I absolutely loved it really good and extremely creepy! :) 

Anytime! Oh, it was the older version? Where can I get the newest version? 

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Just uploaded a video on your guys's game on Them & Us and holy shit, I really enjoyed it! I can't wait until the full game comes out, you guys did an amazing job on this game! If any of ya'll have the time to check out my video I did for your game I'd appreciate it because I had a lot of fun playing it and I think this could be an amazing game so I hope this goes somewhere! :) 

Just made a video on this game and holy shit, I loved this a lot! I'm definitely gonna be playing the full game once it's released because this demo was so damn creepy! This is what I love in a horror game. Creepy atmosphere, good sound effects to keep you on edge. This was great! 

Just uploaded a video on your game Dave and I really enjoyed this one! This was a great spin off of 3 AM at the Krusty Krab! It didn't scare me very much, but it was definitely a creepy game. Karen definitely didn't make things easy for me haha. Keep up the good work Dave, your games keep getting better and better! 

Played your game and made a video on it. It's the first 7 or so minutes of the video. Which even though it was quite short I still had fun with it, nice one! 

Loved your other 2 games I played so decided to try out # AM at the krusty Krab, which I'm really enjoyed it! It actually scared me a few different times. If you want to watch my video on your game for your game it starts at 13:20 Keep up the good work Dave! 

Was there no flashlight in this game? Cause when I was in that tunnel I had a hard time navigating, made it very difficult for me so I didn't finish the game. And I'll be honest this was bad. The whole maze in the tunnel was very irritating, couldn't find my way out of the tunnel. If I had a flashlight it probably would've been more manageable.  

Uploaded a video on your game Bunky as I said I would, and I really enjoyed it. I'm disappointing in myself though since I couldn't beat it, but it was quite scary. Got me pretty good, nice work!

Got my full LP for this game uploaded on my channel, and I must say I really enjoyed this game a lot! It was one of my favorite choice based games I played in awhile. Nice job, and thanks for helping me with the good ending! 

You're so welcome! Here's my video on your game. Yeah, it was quite impressive that your story was able to make me do that without even knowing them really, your game reminded me of Gone Home a little bit with how you can inspect objects and there would be memories attached to the object, so I really enjoyed that. My only critique I would give you is how I wish you would've had emotional background music in the game. Cause it was a little too quiet, in my video I did add in my own but I feel like having background music in your game would've made the experience even better. Either way though, I really enjoyed it so good job!  

Hey, I just played  your game and I absolutely loved it. I even recorded a video on it, that I'll be uploading tomorrow and will be sure to share it on here if you'd be interested in hearing what I thought about the game. But for now what I will say is that I absolutely love games that focus on relationships, which is what drew me to want to play this in the first place and I'm really glad I did because it was really interesting to find out about Olivia and Skye's relationship with each other. They seemed like such a great couple. That ending though broke my heart and made me so sad. Nice job, there's only a few games that can make me emotional.

Absolutely loved this game. Did a LP for it last summer, and it was easily one of my favorite games I played of 2017. I also played the first Emily Is Away game, but this one was much better. I loved that it was longer, and all around felt like there was more to it, and different endings you could get, that was really interesting. Developer if you ever see this I want you to know your  game was amazing, and I had a lot of fun playing it. I have to ask will you make a Emily is away 3? Because I know I sure as hell would play it if you did! Regardless keep up the good work making good games! :)

You're welcome! Alright, I'll go take a look at your comment :) 

Just uploaded a video on your game and wow this was really good, sadly I wasn't able to complete it since it was quite difficult and I'm not very good with puzzles, regardless this was a very creepy experience and I look forward to the full game. 

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I really enjoyed this game. Quite a creepy little game. 

Hey, I tried downloading this game but it told me "this kind of file could harm my computer" So I was wondering if it's safe or not?