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Hey, I just played  your game and I absolutely loved it. I even recorded a video on it, that I'll be uploading tomorrow and will be sure to share it on here if you'd be interested in hearing what I thought about the game. But for now what I will say is that I absolutely love games that focus on relationships, which is what drew me to want to play this in the first place and I'm really glad I did because it was really interesting to find out about Olivia and Skye's relationship with each other. They seemed like such a great couple. That ending though broke my heart and made me so sad. Nice job, there's only a few games that can make me emotional.


Thank you so much!! Yes, please post it, I’d love to watch it and see what you think. It really means a lot to hear that my story was able to make you feel for the characters!!


You're so welcome! Here's my video on your game. Yeah, it was quite impressive that your story was able to make me do that without even knowing them really, your game reminded me of Gone Home a little bit with how you can inspect objects and there would be memories attached to the object, so I really enjoyed that. My only critique I would give you is how I wish you would've had emotional background music in the game. Cause it was a little too quiet, in my video I did add in my own but I feel like having background music in your game would've made the experience even better. Either way though, I really enjoyed it so good job!