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Hmm... I just realized that most people were downloading the older version of the app. Oops! I just removed the older version, so only the latest version (2015-11-07) is visible now.

If you don't see the "Sounds" menu, you're using the older version.

@Hypothic The string vibrations are custom. I use a sine wave to adjust the vertices of a tube-shaped mesh. The amplitude of the vibration decreases over a few seconds, and the direction of the vibration is based upon the direction of the strum. Lots of other smaller factors involved, but I hope that gives you the general idea!

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This looks fantastic! I'm excited to try it out. I just watched the video -- how do you (as a user) control the speed of the white "connector" line as it moves through the note graph?

> lose headtracking in my gearVR

Did you mean Oculus DK2, or do you have this running in Gear VR? I'm using the new "native VR" functionality in Unity, so I'm not actually sure which VR devices are supported :)

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Thanks for trying out the app! You're getting the expected behavior (the instrument is attached to your head), but this is something I'd like to make optional for users. I don't think I'll have time to get to it before the 3D Jam deadline, though. You can see details about all the position/rotation ideas here: