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hitting "escape" seemed to work. this is in browser by the way.

yeehaw! look all those star trees! you've done a really good job with this, especially for a 14 year old!

that was great! i'd mention that when in fullscreen on my laptop the ac button was cut off so we didn't see it until we exited fullscreen.

i cannot express how much i loved pooping my pants while playing yo game

darn! i'm only missing one. great game!

This weird UI bug seems to come up every once and a while. I think it has something to do with fire, because it happened again at the wasp boss fight whenever it would light something on fire. (This is me pausing and moving the mouse around). I thought this might be on purpose until I tried to upgrade at the juice fountain or talk to an NPC and nothing came up.

  • I'm on windows
  • Tried both the x64 and x32 versions
  • My guess is something to do with fire

I played this game after I watched a video from Iron Pineapple. I really enjoyed this game! I would definitely be interested in playing more of things like this.

Played all the way through! Great game had fun <3