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17 points! I think thats pretty good, I hope...

I beat it :)

the 3rd AI is so hard lol. I'll keep trying and adapting my strategy, maybe I'll beat it.

bruh no fullscreen

you mean 6 dimensional? I could do that, and I've thought about it, but I shouldn't. it would be easy to add, sure, but it would be super computationally expensive and be a bit over kill.

this is cool!

way too difficult for my poor gaming skill, but great game!

pretty good but you need to disable looking up and down and you need to make the restart button left click. There's a weird visual glitch where the spot of the grid in front of you is solid green with no texture, until you get close.

does that mean you didn't like the execution?

mac doesn't work, just says I don't have the permission and to contact the admin which is just a bug with mac it actually just doesn't work completely because I am the admin

Its alright but the platformer physics feel very off and the game is way too easy. I suggest making the jump less floaty and the run have some acceleration and not work as well in the air. And making it so there's a delay before the enemies shoot and making the health lower. I assume what happened was that you had 3 health or something, but the game was frustrating because the enemies immediately shoot so you gave the character more health. I suggest instead making the enemies have a delay before being allowed to shoot at the player. I like the twist of the theme though! Its also a bit too short, but then again my game only lasts 60 seconds so...

The jump is really difficult to use which makes the whole game difficult to play but not in a fun way. when you jump you have about half a second to get to where you need to go which makes it very frustrating to play. I suggest making the jump slightly floatier or making the platforms closer together. It really sucks because this game looks like a lot of fun and the other comments suggest that but I just couldn't stand that jump. Really cool and creative concept though, I love the idea!

same here

WOW! this game is great, I love the unique art style and its really fun. The only complaint I have though is that the web build is a bit broken. On my 16:10 aspect ratio laptop screen the game was zoomed in to the point where I couldn't see the chips to build robots and I checked the how to play thing and was confused to find no button that pulls up a menu to build stuff. I did realize that is probably a web build error with it being too zoomed in. I put the game on my monitor (I don't use it by default because its uglier than a game boy screen) and sure enough, the game was playable! Great game, after I got it onto the monitor it was really fun.

Thanks for the feedback! The up and down arrows are used to say yes and no to the AI. if he starts waving his arms saying "hey, come look at this!" walk over to him, look at the closest battery to him, and if its poison press down and if its safe press up. you can also call him over and he'll look at the closest rotten apple. I thought the tutorial was clear enough but I guess I still need to work on that haha.

bro what? I'm on mac.

Why do you say it works for mac when it doesn't? or atleast, I can't figure it out. Can you help me? I unzip the zip, get a folder and the only application is an exe.

doesn't work for mac

this is REALLY good

I can't play! When I unzip the zip, its just a folder full of cryptic files with no .dmg or .app.

I worked with my little brother for this game jam and it went really well, I can't wait so see my score and play some games!

also, with you saying the enemy play through is near impossible is not really what I intended. by that I mean you're not suppose to go complete enemy style. the best strategy for both play styles for the pain generator is to try to dodge as much as you can while trying to befriend everything in the final fight. basically, the optimal strategy is not to gate off the friend bullets entirely. But yes, it is a bit unbalanced in that regard. also, what is sphere collection?

oh wow! this is a really in depth review! It was a pleasure reading it.

oh wow! someone saw my radio wave and went to the game! thanks!

WOAH! Cool! Thank you!

No, I did not sadly.

this is OLD. Like absolutely ANCIENT.

Here's the weapon key.

1 - Archaea

The Archaea, also known as the Manipulator or Membrane Popper, is a powerful bug like beast that grabs bacteria and pulls them to its mouth to eat.

2 - Mech

This is a tank that shoots missiles with advanced AI to find and kill their targets.

3 - Spike Ball

A ball of spikes with a black and white printed picture of a food pellet taped to it. Apparently this is enough to fool the bacteria.

4 - Laser Turret

Although it cannot move, there is no denying its incredible strength.

5 - Construction Claw

Press space to toggle time. This usually does not work with vehicles. But it does with this. This is a construction claw that picks up and moves bacteria, food and eggs.

6 - Blue Portal

click 6 to place blue portal, hold down 6 to turn

7 - Orange Portal

see blue portal

8 - Snake

Summon and command a powerful snake with a based controller

9 - Radiation Blaster

Use your mouse to control this gun. If your mouse is far enough from the center, it'll move. Hold the left mouse button to shoot, any bacteria caught in the radioactive blast will be severely mutated.

0 - Bacteria Editor

press 0 to open the bacteria editor.

life changing

So, I translated the description and it seems like you tried to submit a game jam game but got confused and pressed the "create game jam" button instead.

ohhhh that makes more sense

SiloJam 2022 community · Created a new topic Confused

I'm confused about the theme. Am I thinking about it wrong? Nearly every game I've played has intentional damage. There's pretty much no game that has the ability to attack enemies and that you mostly accidentally hit the enemies. So maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong, can someone explain this to me? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

I have memorized that step in downloading software. I've done that. The problem is that the loading bar inside the application gets stuck at 50%. Everyone is having this issue  its not just mac (Atleast thats what I've seen from reading the most recent comments) also, I like your new pfp. :)

I'm pretty sure you made 0.4.1 to fix the 50% issue but its still getting frozen at 50% loading :(

Hey this is a bit odd but, can you help me? I need to make a mouse controlled IK arm in godot but I can't find any tutorials and I can't figure it out.

Version 0.4.0 Mac doesn't work. it just loads to 50% and then stops. I left the program running for ~2 hours and when I got back, still on 50%.

the last thing you mentioned is probably a web glitch. just tap a again and the web will realize you weren't pressing it.

you mean, 1 day? or maybe it was 2 at the time you left the comment

Thanks! It was really difficult to make the art so I'm glad you liked it. I agree the voice acted sounds are pretty funny :)